A good attitude is difficult to define… let alone master. Like the steering wheel in a car, steer too far left on a straight road…. you go off course… steer too far right… you go off course.

Dictionaries define attitude as ‘feelings with regard to a person or thing’ but dictionaries only scratch the surface. Attitude is ‘what you do when no one is looking at you.’

But wait… can’t you just tell his attitude from his actions? No… but you can tell his skill! But attitude is unconfirmed. You don’t really know if he loves doing what he does… or whether he’s being forced to do it. Someone may be able to act all committed during training, but outside maybe he loathes it. True attitude is sustained… whenever and where ever.

So… What is a good attitude?

Attitude is a word for so many different things that I can’t go through all of the aspects in detail… but let’s go through one  interesting example - a badminton article talking about the ‘potential’ of a player. In the article the mental categories suggested for selecting players for a team were listed by the author as:

1. Competitiveness (desire to win and did they get angry when losing)

2. Instincts (tactical ability, can they read the game?)

3. Off-court behaviour (how interested were they in playing badminton? Did they rush off to their game-boy or play with cell phones or were they always to be found with a racquet in their hand trying to scoop a free court for another hit)

Of the mental categories… off court behaviour is the most weighted indication of good attitude. People often use tests, performances, wins and loses as a way of judging people in any way. Now let’s think about it this way. You are under ‘examination’ only 2% of your life. But you are practising, learning and living in the other 98%. Which part should you examine to get a better indication of this person? I think the answer is very clear.

In simpler terms…’off court behaviour’ is ‘what you do when nobody is looking at you.’ That is often where the mask is taken off and the true character within shows. Usually people get on the rings, get on courts, you play and whatever happens happens and then you walk off the 'spotlight’. What happens next… you guessed it! It depends on your attitude.

You know yourself, and only you can figure out what you think. A graceful acceptance of defeat is a sign of true humility. Finding out where you went wrong is a sign of persistence. Stand up after you get knocked down. Don’t cry, crawl or complain. Smile The 3 C’s… cry, crawl and complain… don’t do it. Open-mouthed smile 

A good attitude is step one. And why does everything have to be so important? Ok… it doesn’t! Until you think it does… the principle works both ways. You care about it so much that it devours you… or you don’t care about it at all… and success eludes you.

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On July 16, 2011 at 10:57 PM , Anonymous said...

hahaha very philosopy-ish :D

On July 16, 2011 at 11:35 PM , Anonymous said...

yet good attitude is a consideration of morality, no? how is having a good attitude justified? you seem to be making good attitude truth-apt.

On July 19, 2011 at 9:40 PM , Anonymous said...

wow nice post :) thanks for the inspiration, keep up the good work