Hey Guys!


~ Tam’s Budo Academy with its name in Chinese and Korean ~

An exciting weekend of Taekwondo action has just occurred at Wagga Wagga and I’m here to fill in my perspective as a competitor, photographer, blogger and supporter. The video is all the way at the end if you do not wish to read the written report Smile.


Led by our coach Sabum Alan, ‘Tam’s Budo’ stormed down to Wagga Wagga on Friday in preparation to wreck havoc the next day at the Bolton Park Stadium. We were all lucky enough to have Roman hire a minibus to drive us all there and back. A big thanks! He must be exhausted after 12 hours of driving. After a 6 hour drive, we landed in Wagga Wagga at around 7:30pmish before heading out to dinner. To the right was a photo of us unpacking our bags in preparation for the tournament the next day. On a side note… who is the one with that Pre-Uni bag!!?? On the bus was a mixture of card games, Simpsons, sleeping and excitement. We went out with Master Tam to dinner that evening at a pub and we had a lot of fun Smile and we also ended up playing some very funny games…. I don’t know the names except Mafia… but that didn’t last too long because we had to head back to the motel for bed. Before that though, a few of us amassed in one hotel room for fun games before returning to our rooms to sleep.

100_0625The morning was absolutely freezing… and the comic relief was Caroline’s 2nd and final cup of instant noodles being shared by Brison, Musk, Bob and Colin… where Musk managed to pour ALL the chilli sauce in to Bob’s bowl… and he had to eat it for breakfast. They were NOT happy when they found out they could get breakfast at the venue. But it was hilarious… and I feel sorry for them because they were in such a rush to finish breakfastOpen-mouthed smile. We finally arrived at the venue without much hassle and to the left is a shot of the inside.

Everyone performed really well, everybody who took part in patterns scored a medal… except me Sad smile but that’s ok, because it’s a lesson to be learned. And Master Tam is right, be an all-rounded Martial artist, do pattern and sparring Open-mouthed smile. Thank you sir!


~ Medallists with Master Tam! ~

~ From Left to Right Vanessa, Priscilla, Paulina, Kevin and Richard ~

Most of the competing girls chose to do only patterns but there were very good results. From what I heard Caroline (red-tip) beat a black belt, black-tip and red belt on her way to the finals but then lost to Grace (red belt) who pummelled her way to the finals and won to take gold, when Caroline can only claim the silver medal in her division (that’s 3 upsets!!Open-mouthed smile). Priscilla (Blue belt AND I got her name right Winking smile) won her field and fought neck to neck with Vanessa (blue-tip) in the semi-finals to take out the gold medal whilst Vanessa won the bronze medal play-off. Paulina came 2nd in patterns in her division. “She’s like a mini Taekwondo master” was a comment I heard from a little boy watching Musk performing Hwa-Rang. Brison must have been very happy, as he was right next to me when that little boy said that. Holding that comment to her performance Musk took out bronze in patterns, despite competing against girls twice her size, and 1-2 years older.

On the boy’s side we had Jacek taking out silver after losing to Phillip, whom I believe is taking part in the World Championships later this year in Korean in patterns. Kevin Quach (blue-tip) took silver in his division by upsetting a blue belt to on his way in to the finals, and lost to another member of our dojang Nick Lau (green belt) who took gold. Abi extracted his revenge (or so he says) from another competitor whom beat him last year in the finals by taking out gold from the same opponent(!) this year. So that’s excellent pattern results on our part.

In team pattern we fielded 2 teams featuring the red belt and black tip team of Abi, Colin, Tiarn, Viktoria and Grace, which had one hour rehearsal time, and the other team… which had… 8 minutes rehearsal timeOpen-mouthed smile.  My team of Caroline, Priscilla and Vanessa and Kevin were told 15 minutes before the event we are a competing team and had 8 minutes to rehearsal time. We won one round one. Add we were celebrating. And then we realised there were more rounds. In the end we lost to the Abi’s team in the Bronze Medal play-off. Good experience and our team name was quite hilarious, for those of you that know Winking smile.

Unfortunately I only recorded 1 video on patterns but I got a few ones on self defence routine which were all pretty cool. The video is all the way at the bottom! Open-mouthed smile Also I have to thank Mr Quach for being so kind to give me his filmed footage for me to edit. Marvel at the techniques too! Smile Any performers in the video can feel free to use them for suitable purposes. Sorry for not getting your permission!

We didn’t win as many sparring medals but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good action and no fun! Now, boys first this time.

From memory Roman won silver in sparring. Abi got knocked out by Phillip, the same person who beat Jacek in patterns. Nick from Rockdale had a tough time against a strong black belt and sustained a fair amount of injuries… I hope he is ok! Brison lost to another black belt but he put up a good fight Open-mouthed smile So that was good. I have recorded 1 minute of ‘Brison fame’ for your entertainment below. Colin unfortunately lost to a red belt. He started well, but unfortunately didn’t sustain that energy and confidence.

Bob unfortunately lost to his first round opponent. He was doing well, and was probably winning at the end of round 1. But in round 2 3 turning kicks that were blocked too close to the body cost him. I wasn’t sure how Nick Lau went in sparring but I will find out. Callum however, topped his division picking off the gold medal and the impressive 1st! Richard lost the bronze medal play-off to come 4th in sparring, whilst his brother in his exhausted state didn’t run fast enough to avoid the last few point-scoring kicks to push him from a winning position to a losing one. Nevertheless he won the bronze medal play-off to claim bronze and his second medal. Daniel came first in sparring.

For the girls, Tiarn came first in sparring in her division, so very impressive results, whilst little Musk got bronze again in sparring. Paulina took her 2nd 2nd, i.e. a silver medal in sparring this time, obviously her goal next year is double gold Open-mouthed smile.

In team sparring we were up against tough opposition in both the male and female team, where both had a full team of black belts, and some members of those teams were members of the Australian team. Against such tough opposition we put up a good fight but unfortunately didn’t take any medals here. Jacek fell head first to the floor and broke his nose, but we all know he’s immortal so it turned it’s ok Winking smile.

The final event we competed in, junior team sparring was composed of Kevin and Bob and 3 other members from other dojangs. They won their first game to enter the finals but unfortunately they lost in the finals after 3 draws and 2 loses so they had to be content with silver. Good news though, this puts Kevin on 3 medals, and the only triple medallist amongst our dojang! So congratulations Mr Triple Medallist, well deserved and hard fought.


~ Tam’s Budo ITF!! ~


We had dinner at KFC (and Hungry Jacks for the select, impatient few) and headed back home. It was a great tournament and I enjoyed it a lot! Final thanks for Roman for driving us, Master Tam for always supporting us and Sabum Alan and Sabum Ray for coaching and giving us tips throughout the tournament. Also to everybody there whom supported me Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 

Hope everybody had fun there! Congratulations to the medal winners Winking smile.  Let's head to the next Taekwondo tournament together again! Open-mouthed smile

Now here is the hidden bonus: The Video!! Edited with Windows Movie Maker (which means I couldn’t do a lot of the stuff I wanted to but yea…)  and includes original audio… please excuse my very loud cheering as I was the closest to the camera…Smile. Other than that enjoy the video and hope everyone had fun! Open-mouthed smile The video features both wins and losses and serve to be instructive examples. The Video is in 3 parts… so please enjoy Open-mouthed smile

Part 1 Patterns and Self Defence


Sparring Part 1 (Kevin and Abi)


Sparring Part 2 (Colin, Jacek, Brison and Musk)


In Master Tam’s own words: “Train Hard. Train Smart.”



p.s. There were too many photos of individual competitors for me to put all of them up here. If you want to see them, please click here