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I'm just a week off heading to Wagga with my whole dojang team to compete in the State championships. It is actually very high levelled and me being a chess player fond of preparation I had to check the entries. So many black belts doing pattern!! Wow :) Makes me motivated to try harder....

Exactly one week ago I was training on friday night after I had gone home exhausted and didn't really have enough to eat. During the training session of patterns I was mixing everything all the moves up like crazy.... e.g. in one pattern maybe you had to do side kick + elbow strike but in another it would be knife hand + guarding block.... what I would do was actually swap them already and screw up.... and then it'll look pathetic and as if I didn't know my patterns.

It wasn't like I didn't know them but I wasn't perfect either. I practised.... practised.... and tried to concentrate. When I got home I was actually pretty upset... I had put alot of work onto my patterns........ and then I couldn't produce the efforts during training. I whinged and complained when I got home.... stating various excuses like exhaustion..... overworking of my patterns.... not enough to eat etc.

But here is the takeaway...
and I don't know what stopped me. It must of been the chess discpline that Brendan had drilled into me. I just said "Ok stop. Whatever it was, it doesn't matter. No excuses. Just do better next time." Not the most motivating speech I've ever said but there's something here we can takeaway.

We all stuff up, even after lots and lots of work. It's inevitable and it happens to me a lot. The biggest reason is because I work really hard (not necessarily with the correct methods) and in turn my brain puts me under psychological pressure to preform better. When I don't... or the results are not showing.... I become really frustrated.

The key method of dealing with things like this is to stop and think. Or writing hate letters - spilling it out, as so to speak. Say it out loud... "Oh dear lord I did so badly today I want to kill myself. I was tired... I didn't get enough to eat and I just screwed up a maths exam and had a bad day." Whatever it is. Feel free to repeat your rants a couple of times to completely evaporate it. You could complain to somebody... but I tend not to as nobody really likes whingers.

The first thing you notice is that you immediately you feel a lot better. It's now out of your system. Instead of trying to hide it and say things like "man that was just crap crap crap f***...." or just not saying anything at all is like holding a grudge with it. Identify the possible reasons and release them. They do exist!! We usually complain for a reason, even if it's completely exaggerated! Don't deny your emotions and feelings of discontempt and reason, however small.


Most people complain and make excuses after excuses and eventually they are left with "I can't do this. Too many things stopping me. This is an impossible quiz." And then what happens? It becomes impossible.

Yes... we might have no had enough sleep last time, or maybe we just lost a sale, so we are unhappy. We are upset, and those become the excuses of our poor performance or lack of energy eslewhere.

Sure. Many of them could be true, but certainly, it can affect you in other things. But the thing is, we are never fully prepared for anything. We can never be. Poor performance after no sleep is not a surprise. It is reasonable. But holding that excuse to every failure that comes your way isn't.

Get rid of the bad habitat and blow the excuses to the far ends of hell. The IMPORTANT thing though, after you put the complaints aside, focus on the task at hand. Just think "I can do better and I will. No excuses, and just (insert your own tagline)"

Hopefully that can get you disappointment of out of the way. And, focus on the improvements, and results will gradually follow. I think it is most fitting to leave with a quote from Sayhun Tam Fook Chee, my master;

"Train hard, train smart" - Sayhun Tam Fook Chee

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