Hey Everyone,

I'm just a week off heading to Wagga with my whole dojang team to compete in the State championships. It is actually very high levelled and me being a chess player fond of preparation I had to check the entries. So many black belts doing pattern!! Wow :) Makes me motivated to try harder....

Exactly one week ago I was training on friday night after I had gone home exhausted and didn't really have enough to eat. During the training session of patterns I was mixing everything all the moves up like crazy.... e.g. in one pattern maybe you had to do side kick + elbow strike but in another it would be knife hand + guarding block.... what I would do was actually swap them already and screw up.... and then it'll look pathetic and as if I didn't know my patterns.

It wasn't like I didn't know them but I wasn't perfect either. I practised.... practised.... and tried to concentrate. When I got home I was actually pretty upset... I had put alot of work onto my patterns........ and then I couldn't produce the efforts during training. I whinged and complained when I got home.... stating various excuses like exhaustion..... overworking of my patterns.... not enough to eat etc.

But here is the takeaway...
Hey guys,

From the inactivity on my blog many people may have perceived this as an abandoned piece of work. But that's not true. Unfortunately due to school and Taekwondo (which by the way will be the topic of my next post) I haven't really had time to write up high quality, informative yet witty posts to keep my readers on their toes. But I did try something new in the holidays as far as blogging goes.

I wrote a guest post. My inspiration came from the various sources of articles from successful bloggers and each and EVERY one of them recommended a guest post. So I thought I can either sit around and wonder how I'll ever be able to write a guest post for the likes of Tim Ferris or Ramit Sethi, subsequently doing nothing in the process or I can write one... and let my coach Brendan be the judge of whether he'll want to put it on his chess blog. He's actually very hard to please, so I actually put a lot of work. Not to offend english teachers, but it was a lot more than I ever spent on my english essay!

So 8 hours later... after writing.... typing... printing and rewriting.... this is what I had produced.

Now... my next post will be on the Taekwondo tournament at Wagga I'll be attending! Yay!

It will be fun, and I'll bring a camera along for photoes, something which I haven't done for a long time.

Anyway I hope everyone is safe and having fun!