I've been pretty busy lately, but it doesn't mean I've forgotten about this blog! Sure, this isn't going to be some talk about a huge topic, but it's good to take a break from being all hyped up once in a while isn't it?

 I've been in senior school for only a few weeks, but it's like all different. You can feel it from some people, they are all getting darn serious and I feel kind of left out, considering I still haven't done any Japanese homework my teacher has set me. Not because I'm rebel... no of course not, but rather because I've done all the study in the 2 weeks right before school starts, I just grinded out my senior textbook. Which proved to be very effective combined with watching a couple of episodes of anime each night. The important thing is to joint down something you hear and then dictionary it later on and then jot it down somewhere. I also have been translating manga but that's actually quite slow and time consuming, but you can learn a lot.

One thing I found was that you actually have extremely high chances of remembering something you listen and then read... and if you write it the chances become almost definite. I discovered that when I encountered duplicates of the same vocabulary in different formats, which is very interesting. It's also an interesting way of learning things, in any subject.

Some of the teachers say that year 11 is a notch up from year 10 but I am not inclined to believe so, I believe they are pretty similar but just a more serious approach is taken to senior school, especially with the HSC not too far away. But all the same, I find maths homework extremely tedious and repetitive, and just because it is time consuming doesn't mean that it's important - a very interesting concept by Author Tim Ferris. What also annoys me is that english assessments being purely based on tests is not my cup of tea either. For the art of expression, I feel there is always a need to research, prepare, draft and then publish.

I don't play a lot of team sports, in fact, the only one is volleyball on a weekly basis. One key element of obviously team work, and without that any amount of talents in that team would destined to fail. We recently faced a strong rival and had a great start, pumping off to an early lead. Everyone was motivated ready to go. But this was also a major risk, illustrating at the same time our biggest weakness. When we started well, we were digging, setting and then finally the guy at the front would finish off with an aggressive shot that puts the opposition under pressure. However, we had a little slip and allowed them to catch up, and this is when disaster struck. Our team seems to be very susceptible to failure, even a little mistake can cause all the built up confidence to crash.

This is when the team captain jumps in. Not only is he a very strong player himself, but also a great motivator and has the power to revive the lost spirits in his team. This is very important, which makes me believe that a captain need not be the best player (in fact he can be the worst for all that matters) but a person who can ignite a spark of hope and optimistim in people's hearts. I'm sure you know that school captains, leaders all have to be able to do this and yes, it is hard! Which is why very few people are leaders out there. That's something I learnt about teamwork and sports. So in the future, should I have to make those decisions, I will chose very carefully, because we need someone who can motivate the whole team, not the number 1.

Currently packed to the brim with things to do, I sometimes spend all my spare time wondering if I could complete the set goals I have for the 6 month deadline and 12 month deadline. The irony is that you should be spending all your spare time doing little things to make progress towards those goals, so of course the answer is no! Rest assured, it will not be like that forever!

I hope everyone is having a great time and certainly hope you can devote even 5 minutes of your spare time working on a goal you have made for yourself. This could be googling something you've always wondered about, or doing the 50 push-ups you haven't done for 2 days.

Have fun guys,


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On February 27, 2011 at 9:12 AM , Anonymous said...

great blog Jerry, keep it up ;)

On February 27, 2011 at 10:12 PM , Jerry said...

Thank you. I appreciate the support :)

On April 30, 2011 at 8:46 PM , Chiara said...

your blogs always make me ponder. :) in a good way.