I've been pretty busy lately, but it doesn't mean I've forgotten about this blog! Sure, this isn't going to be some talk about a huge topic, but it's good to take a break from being all hyped up once in a while isn't it?

 I've been in senior school for only a few weeks, but it's like all different. You can feel it from some people, they are all getting darn serious and I feel kind of left out, considering I still haven't done any Japanese homework my teacher has set me. Not because I'm rebel... no of course not, but rather because I've done all the study in the 2 weeks right before school starts, I just grinded out my senior textbook. Which proved to be very effective combined with watching a couple of episodes of anime each night. The important thing is to joint down something you hear and then dictionary it later on and then jot it down somewhere. I also have been translating manga but that's actually quite slow and time consuming, but you can learn a lot.

Last article we talked about the underlying truth that school/work isn’t the be all and end all. Truth is the things you learn in school can often be left in the trash because half of it you’ll never use again after the final exam. There are other much more vital skills one needs to acquire before they step out in to the real world. What commonly happens is that because the skills are not attained before we are plunged into the deep end, generally we then pick it up through tremendous amounts of mistakes (which by all means isn’t a bad thing at all).
Although this can greatly vary for many people, the 3 essential components of a fulfilling life can be amassed into the two categories of ‘work habits,’ and  ‘social skills and your social network.’ The other one is dealing with emotional luggage but that can be left for another topic, because that topic is also quite complicated and requires a lot of thought before writing.
Each is just as important as the next, but notice how these topics are not covered in any depth (if at all!) in schools.
How come he can sing so much better than I can? Maybe because he practises two hours a day?

Why does she beat me in every maths test? Because she goes home and finishes every single question in the exercise, even the ones that the teacher didn’t set and not only that, continues to do a further two hours study into the subject!

There are often many obvious reasons why some people are just ‘too good’ at something. As humans whom absolutely detest being ‘worse’ than each other we find it extremely difficult to cope with the fact that someone may be better than us at something. The truth is, they’ve spent probably hours daily, each day for a couple of years before getting there. Personally, I hate losing to anybody in anything for any reason, but I’ve gradually came to learn that you just can’t be good at everything. If you haven’t gone through the same training, the same sorts of discipline then you simply aren’t on even field to compare expertise anyway. Don’t stress out! You’re still very good in your own way. :)

Here’s something else: we are all equal, just this equality is characterised by many different elements that are sometimes not as obvious as the others. For example, the ability to play a musical instrument well is so easy to display and promote. Everyone can listen and judge that you’re a good player, but chess is a completely different matter. To understand who is good and who is bad, you yourself first need a good understanding of the game which is why sometimes chess players go much unappreciated in this world. Yes, you may hear that they are very good and have won many competitions, but you can never truly appreciate his/her beauty because you don’t understand game of chess itself.