Holidays... not the best time you want to have slow and unstable internet.... I've ruined conversations, destroyed friendships (because they thought I had blocked them), missed out on free money, all because my internet takes a 5 second nap once too often.

Ok I was joking!....

But the truth in it is quite annoying.... and after spending half a day working on my chess I expect some empathy from my internet when I want to reel on but it stops every 3 minutes (mind you it only takes 10 minutes for a game) so I decided to flag the blitz altogether and just go read a book. I don't just read any old book, and I know Mr. Ferris recommends in 'The 4 Hour Work Week' that overloading yourself with irrevelant information is... obviously unnecessary, I still take interest and just read books about life, relationships, communication and the list goes on.

Perhaps even making an refinement... read the necessary, the hobbies and scrap the rest. Agreed.

Now to put in a school context.

For me, Japanese is important because its another language and I enjoy studying languages as a hobby. Drama is my best subject despite what my report marks say. Maths and english I kind of have to do.... although I would gladly trade english for history anytime, anyplace, and anyday.
Learn your english.... learn consumer arithmetic (you WILL be handling money in the future, so why not learn it now?).... learn calculus and imaginary numbers if you like, and scrap the rest. Why? You don't need it. Why did I get 17/30 for my 'light' exam in science? Because after much thought I didn't identify how the concepts of light reflection absorption helps to incerease my chances of success in my area of passion, but maybe if I can adjust the lightning before a badminton tournament to have it stun my opponent's eyes... then it may be a little different. I must admit to a lot of people science is interesting, and it is... half the time anyway.

Now please allow me to share my analysis about the sciences.

People in year 10 select to do Chemistry and Physics because of a couple of reasons.

1. They like it! Obviously if you like it you do it right?...

2. The courses are prerequisites of courses they wish to do in uni. (This is the reason I'm doing chemistry)

3. It scales high (true but it's never a good reason to chose subjects)

4. Backup prerequisite courses just in case you change your mind

5. Parental influence (but this is sometimes out of the student's control)

Most of the reasons are self explanatory but the second reason I'd like to delve (chess player terms?) a little deeper on. Most science courses, including medicine (the 'almighty,' death's counterpart) require chemistry as a prerequisite, and most engineering courses or technology related courses require physics. Simply put, unless you are considering a degree in BOTH engineering and science, there is only a need to do one of them in the senior years to cut down on workload.

Most important other subjects that are often prerequisites are languages (although most universities would offer beginner courses), Maths extension 1 on many engineering courses. Things like commerce, economics and finance in my time of research I have not seen any HSC course prerequisites required.... mainly because they all start from 'scratch' in university. They course covers both years of let's say Business Studies in high school in maybe 4-5 weeks.

I had a wide choice and selecting the 3 subjects (apart from  3U Maths and 3U English) was quite hard. Eventually it came down to Japanese (I was forced to do it but after the exchange program loved the language anyway :D ).... Drama, personal favourite but unfortunately none of my friends do it, so it sometimes gets lonely. Finally the 'Asian' subject Chemistry because I had considered majoring in Nutrition in Uni so it was a good idea to continue on with science.

It was hard, but the most important thing you need to figure out is

"What are my LIFE plans..."

Yes not your uni plans... your life plans.

Choose subjects that will help you come one step closer to realising that plan.

Most importantly though, prioritise. I originally considered business studies in Year 11, but I discovered you relearn everything in Uni... and also the stuff you have to do is too theoretical and of no practical value, so I decided against it. If you can hold the learning off to a later stage, do it! And learn the other things can only be learnt in high school!

Make use of the 12 units :)
But please, do things you like, study is only study if its boring. I'll leave now with a nice chess quote, hopefully with some hidden meaning of life too.

"Bring out the pieces you know you MUST bring, and then figure out where the others belong based on your opponent's plan."

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