The final day, the day of truth dawns as we quickly wake up and get ourselves prepared for the second day.....

in the lead by one and a half points.... we needed a 6/8 to win on tiebreak against Bawlyn High (Vic). But we had to still take all our games seriously.... like American GM Ben Finegold says...

"Each game is of equal value... take all games equally."

Great advice to keep in mind actually... in any competitive circle, there is always somebody weaker and somebody stronger. You might get somebody weaker, but all that means if your chances of winning is increased. It doesn't mean you've automatically won! Just take the game as seriously as you would for any strong player and you'll be fine.  :D That's the analysis.

Anyway we had to beat Perth Modern (WA) 4-0 otherwise there is a good chance we might lose of lead and led Radford (ACT) catch up. So Mr. Ireland instructed us to take them seriously... and we did. I quickly won a piece on my board but took a while to convert... the rest of my team got a little annoyed but what could I say.... as long as they get the point... they can't complain :D:D

Next round Peter was again replacing me... so I would have nothing to do with the final result and so I guess I just played chess with this girl from Abbotleigh's dad (who by the way is quite strong) but I beat him ruthlessly after I lost one game to him yesterday!... think I won 5 games to his 1 today.... :P

I know... you have to be very mean over the chess board :D

Then I ended up talking to Alistair from SA for a couple of hours and helping him coach the Primary school of his state. It was quite fun... and it was good to see an old friend again haha after one year.

My team pushed through with a 3.5-0.5 win over our opposition... which means we take first place and the Australian School Secondary Open Champions Title! Great work everybody! Especially our coordinator. So we were quite happy but disappointing to see our 2 seniors score only 3.5/8... (both combined!) Our juniors... me, Jack and Oscar... pulled through well and scored perfect scores each... with a total of 12/12! (Oscar and Jack 5/5 each and me 2/2) so that wasn't too bad. They also won $20 board prizes... wow! Now I wish I played full time :(

Now once the presentation ceremony finished.. we picked off and left... but unfortunately instead of going to some awesome place for dinner (which Hornsby Girls went to some place all the way down south!!) we headed to the airport 7 hours earlier... to catch a flight at 11:50pm (overnight flight)..... that really sucked.... we shouldn't went to somewhere awesome for dinner... I feel like I've been cheated on... all well..... instead I had to live off expensive yet only average dinner... had to buy like 3 pies because I was soo hungry...

The flight ended alright and I must say... I had a great time in Perth! Thanks to the organisers.... people behind the scenes... arbiters.... and my coordinator Mr. Ireland for doing such a great job!

On a side note I'm reimaging and remaking my blog to include limited personal life things.. but rather more thoughts and reflection... so my tone will kind of change... I might blog in several languages and the whole appearance will change. Nevertheless... instead of making a new blog... I'm keeping this old one and just fixing it up a little.

I still won't blog too frequently... but once in a while should suffice... hopefully I can cut down on the length of the articles too... they seem quite long haha and people will lose interest.... alright

That's the last of my 'old'articles.

It's time to make some improvements...

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and go do some fun stuff!!


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