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At last the North Sydney Boys High Chess team's potential to shine has arrived! With Bawlyn High's World U12 Champion (Australian Junior Champion etc.) FM Bobby Cheng not participating, we had good chances to win the title this year and reclaim the trophy for NSW for the first time in 6 years!

So.... 6 (including our teacher) headed off to Sydney Airport to catch the 3:20pm plane all the way to Perth, but since there was a 3 hour time difference between the two cities, we will arrive at around 5:30pm Perht time..... a 5 hour plane flight here we go!

I sat next to our young stars Jack and Oscar.... and got annoyed for the next 5 hours.... and my coordinator kindly offered special seating requirements on the way back (i.e. not next to Oscar :D ) we arrive in Perth and catch the shuttle bus just outside after walking through the terminal with the Vic primary school girls team.... (water there was like $3.59 for 600ml...) I was sitting on the bus listening to music, and texting a friend but no.... it's like 9:59 over there and that person decides to sleep..... (HSC isn't important anymore?)

Ok so the entire Vic team is staying at Murray Hotel, which is like 200m away from the venue..... WTH lucky much? Whilst we had Ibis in the middle of some random place. And then our shuttle bus took us back to our hotel, and we checked in before heading out to grab dinner.... we found a food court, but it was under mass reconstruction and the Chinese food there was a ridiculous rip-off... $9.80 for something I need two of....

Like rice + 3 dishes but the plate is like small and miniature sized.... sigh.... so I ended up going out again with Yangster and the Bordeaux Man for snacks....they had arrived after catching a cab to the airport, beating the NSW Seconday Girls rep team by around 50 minutes, because they had to catch a shuttle bus :D and as we were catching the elevator from floor 2 to 1 we were discussing formations in preparation....

for gangsters.

Apparently they saw some wondering around as they got to the hotel. Funnily enough when we were lining up for McDonalds some drunk guy barges infront of us, puts his face in ours, and goes "That's right. I'm a Muay Thai Master, couple of streets down. You should go there. My master will love ya. I can put an elbow to your face." We were like, after he left...

"Oh my lord what the hell was that??"

"Muay Thai Master, I can put an elbow to your face" became a common saying.... as long with
"What are you trying to pull" was also common (amongst Oscar Wang and the seniors) but I consider it lame, and Jack screamed "don't say that" a lot of times...

Anyway the night ended when I finally got the two juniors and idiots to shut up... so I could get some peaceful sleep. Whilst I went out with Kev and Pet they had moved the single bed to the door of our room so I couldn't get in!!.... I was like.... WTH dude let me in!! So I hanged in the seniors room which was 2 away... and I walk in and I see Kevin watering plants..... watering the Cherrybomb!.... WTH??? He plays plants vs. zombies... like wth and then we decided to pump it up with Age of Empires music and then Hornsby girls arrived so we went to say hi and stuff.... and finally I got back into my room.... but even then I was fighting to get some sleep.... with cushions and pillows flying around the room, accomodation has never been so dangerous.

.... sooo yea, getting locked out of your room even with a key..... sigh, it's a first.

Day 1:

Start of the day was me eating croissants I had brought over and followed by Hungry Jacks early in the morning at 7:50ish. We arrive at the venue after buying a family ticket and catching a 2 stop train that took 6 minutes to get to the desired station. This was followed by walking and doing the hypotenuse edgecutting through a park in order to arrive at Perth Modern School... which is sooo much better than our school its not even funny. We walk all the way across to the other side past a football field, basketball hoops, canteen, church to get to the venue and it turns out that each division plays in separate classrooms so unless you are part of a team you can't enter the room during play time. The opening ceremony happened and then the games were finally going to begin. It's pretty exciting, having to play the strongest opposition in the first round. Should we not do well, the result will surely affect us in future rounds. Fortunately I managed to keep sneaking into the  open primary division to check up on Nathan and Calvin but I had do scout for our opponent's openings in round 1. That was my job. I did it successfully and now we could get some weapons against them :D

So basically I saw lots of random openings, no grunfelds though and no najdorfs. That really disappointed me. But as a vivid Najdorf fan I was destined to follow Kasparov's footsteps as I shall tell you of later in the post. For now I shall report on the results.

Round 1 saw us defeat our main rivals Bawlyn High (Vic) 3-1 after board 2 Jonathan Tang from Bawlyn refused a draw and went on to lose. Luckily Oscar managed to flag his opponent after botching a won endgame into a draw. Peter Yang swindled his opponent after obtaining a worst position with an inaccurate knight move in the Scotch. Kevin suffered under some tactics (which was surprising) and lost to Samuel Dalton rather quickly in a Kalashnikov (he had prepared for the wrong colour apparently)....

Round 2 saw Radford College take a temporary lead after they defeated Perth Modern School (WA) 4-0 to get 6.5/8. We defeated our second strongest opposition Somerset College (Qld) 3-1 again after Kevin lost to veteran Jones Muller in a Sveshnikov, this time with the white side. We were coming second now and we had to defeat St Peter's College (SA) in the 3rd round to seize the lead as Radford (ACT) was going to have a hard time against Bawlyn (Vic). Oscar and Jack, our youngsters, scored another win and I managed to win a peice early on in order to secure a point for my team.

And so we did, albeit only scoring 2.5-1.5, Kevin suffering a shock loss and Peter missing a tactical win and accepting a draw offer, we were only 2 rounds from creating history. Youngsters won again, ending the day with 3/3 each, contributing to over two-thirds of our total score of 8.5/12!! (Kevin is on 0/3)... and during that time I played one of the NSW girl representatives dads.... and he wasn't bad, I had finished calculating a tactic that leaves me 2 pieces for a rook and then unfortunately after a moment of distraction made the automatic recapture that drops an exchange!... so I lost that blitz game, but I got him back tomorrow with some awesome stuff :D:D So as we were about to catch a train back we discovered a free bus that takes us back close to our hotel. What was funny was.... the bus was free AND it was on time... like how AWESOME is that.... wow it's not Sydney man, free and on time buses, yea good luck Sydney!

We got back and I took a shower whilst everyone disappeared and like Kev and Pet went out and Jack was playing games, and I played Smash Bros on my laptop :D::D:D:D:D:D::DD:D::D:D

Yea! -Hi-five!-

And luckily today I got some sleep..... Tomorrow 7:45 downstairs to take on Perth Modern School (WA) and Radford College (ACT)!!

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