New Year's Eve.

No matter who you are most likely camping in a folder or on your work/study desk lies a sheet titled somewhat similar to "New Year Resolutions" or rather, goals for the next year.

Likewise, there are 50% who think of it in their head, another 40% or so that don't think, another 9.99% that write it down, and the final remainder who actually get the engine fired and begin to start mowning the lawn. Why?

Holidays... not the best time you want to have slow and unstable internet.... I've ruined conversations, destroyed friendships (because they thought I had blocked them), missed out on free money, all because my internet takes a 5 second nap once too often.

Ok I was joking!....

But the truth in it is quite annoying.... and after spending half a day working on my chess I expect some empathy from my internet when I want to reel on but it stops every 3 minutes (mind you it only takes 10 minutes for a game) so I decided to flag the blitz altogether and just go read a book. I don't just read any old book, and I know Mr. Ferris recommends in 'The 4 Hour Work Week' that overloading yourself with irrevelant information is... obviously unnecessary, I still take interest and just read books about life, relationships, communication and the list goes on.

Perhaps even making an refinement... read the necessary, the hobbies and scrap the rest. Agreed.

Now to put in a school context.

The final day, the day of truth dawns as we quickly wake up and get ourselves prepared for the second day.....

in the lead by one and a half points.... we needed a 6/8 to win on tiebreak against Bawlyn High (Vic). But we had to still take all our games seriously.... like American GM Ben Finegold says...

"Each game is of equal value... take all games equally."

Before we start.... somebody PLEASE remind me to try Green Apple Green Tea with Green Apple Jelly at EasyWay


At last the North Sydney Boys High Chess team's potential to shine has arrived! With Bawlyn High's World U12 Champion (Australian Junior Champion etc.) FM Bobby Cheng not participating, we had good chances to win the title this year and reclaim the trophy for NSW for the first time in 6 years!

So.... 6 (including our teacher) headed off to Sydney Airport to catch the 3:20pm plane all the way to Perth, but since there was a 3 hour time difference between the two cities, we will arrive at around 5:30pm Perht time..... a 5 hour plane flight here we go!