One day I lazily sauntered through the red sunset gazing upon us,

Inconspicuously passing the colony dazing in the open fields,

I noticed only a unique rose, its character chained right around my heart,

Shone by the attractive, pink petals fluttering by its side,

Strengthened by the black thorns armed all around,

Intrigued, the perfect pattern tessellation of petals and thorns,

I knelt down; she patently swayed side to side,

The minute, gentle movements lured my hand closer,

The petal I touched, retracted my hand abruptly – I was pricked.

Day after day I trek back towards the same spot,

I mind not the thorns, for they complement the petals,

Nor the bleeding hand I care, her beauty surpasses that,

To me her heart was the indescribable gem that I longed for,

My hands and affection were answered the same way,

Nevertheless touching both petal and thorn, pricked,

I felt the heart-breaking warmth of rejection,

The gentle touch of the petal, the complementing rough thorns

The ominous, blackened sky slowly dawdles over,

The gushing of the rain, ruthlessly pounding its victims below

Umbrella in hand, I run with all my might,

The stem flaccid, petals frowning, from edges those tears shed,

I knelt down, her depressed expression, spread out the umbrella,

Her pain reflected into me, she gazed up, the rain no longer straining her,

Her entity occupied my soaked eyes, I reached out once more,

Her beauty dazzling through the shimmering rainbow beam

Petal or thorn matter not, for I love them both.

Xu, Jerry

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