The long awaited showdown has arrived, having been cancelled on the 2nd last week of term 3, and again on week 1 and 2 because of IPT HSC and Ruse yearly exams, the match has been set back to Week 3.

This is COS Junior Lightning Champion 09 (+10 because there was no U18 COS lightning this year) reporting in.

I'm sorry.....

WE WON!!! That's RIGHT! :D:D:D Upset on 3 boards :D (including a draw) in the rematch :D:D

Ok, on with the formalities.

So we arrive on their prestigious pastures at around 1:40.... it's actually still their lunch ??!! So yea Suraj turned up and says

"I have to go get my maths results"

"What?!" -dreams up scenario-

OMG 98% below average.... can't play chess anymore... I'm all depressed ^_^" luckily none of the sort happened.

Stupid Gavin, the only time where I could have lost a bet ----> "I reckon they don't even know what school we're from"

Me: Oh really (I didn't even consider I was wearing KOkusai Tie :D!) alright next random I see
        Hey guys -0.1 sec pause- and girls do you know what school I'm from?

- Blank stares -

- Me about to ACTUALLY *facepalm* -

Ruse: No.

Jerry: OMG WTH...... How.... -mind blank-

Gavin: HA! Told you!

Jerry: What the hell? It's probably because we never see each other on the way to school... but hey I see Ruse at strathfield.... anyway.....

Don't we all love year 7's

We were waiting outside the room we played the last time we were there, but like there was class, so clearly we belonged somewhere esle... some random year 7s

"Hey are people in your school gay?"

- Tam tam under a whisper -

"Well are people in your school gay?"

LOL Sigh.....

So we ended up having to collect Austin and Suraj from maths because they had a chess match to attend to, thus as we walked across ALL the classrooms, I saw lots of people I know, and I didn't know :D

I saw Yun sitting in maths too HAHA

Raymond decided to ignore her... I waved :D I'm so nice -chocolate please-

Ok... onto the match, but warning, the bloodshed over the boards may be too atrocious to read! :D

----------> DrumRoll <--------------

We were dumped in a conference room.... like upstairs of the office, the second set of mini stairs to the left when you walk up.... that room


I was looking for a place to dump used tissues and funnily enough there was a mini kitchen inside that room, so I went in and deposited my rubbish in the bin there. I walked to the doom and the messenger on duty that day holding cups from the office staff that clearly needed to be washed....

"is there a kitchen in there?"


"Ah yea, just in there - gesturing to where it was -"

- Everyone esle -

"Wow you know this place well don't you?"

"I know, see, I learn quick :D:D

doesn't she question the fact that I'm out of uniform???"


Alright the moment of truth, NSB, outrated EVERY board, 100 points on one, 200 points on two,

CAN we, the defending champions, defeat such a formidable team to at least qualify for the finals of the tournament we won last year?

2:10pm the match begins.

Everyone calms sits down, and shook hands.


Coverage from Board 1 to Board 4:

I played against the dragon as white we reeled the first 13 moves and then simply Josh went hands on head thinking about something I just conjured up from memory of a Karpov game I looked at some time ago. Fortunately he didn't find the most critical line and made a bad decision on the safety of his king and I miraculously found tactics out of nowhere to win! Yay! I was also heavily up on time, he actually got flagged. Although by then I was completely won.

Marco.... Lost.... IQP position, should have won the pawn on c5, but a very very subtle inaccuracy caused him position to transform from holdable to just.... very uncomfortable and possibly lost. I had a look at both his games on the train back, very interesting subtleties arose nevertheless I knew Marco could have done better, because he hasn't played for a while.

Ummm Gavin lost a pawn up in a won endgame, where he could have saved the piece but in time trouble.... he didn't find it, I scolded him afterwards because he also had MANY draws after losing the piece. :D Like a true captain (he was actually captain of the team)

Raymond was the man of match 1, flagging his opponent Mark in a rook + minor peice endgame where his opponent had an extra pawn :D:D So yea! :D Securing the 2nd point... enabling a rematch

Match 1 Result: 2 - 2

So at 4:30 the 2nd match was to start.... the rematch, should that same score appear again we lose on tiebreak.... yikes

This time I was black, not knowing what kind of stuff to expect, but another main line arose, again the Be3 though for the Najdorf it's called the English :D So we played some theory and then all of a sudden I had a decent position and then he got counterplay on my e6 pawn (after Bxe6) wth? But fortunately he made another bad decision on his king safety and I had mass tactics swarming around his king, eventually I won a peice and was soooo close to misdefending the endgame and losing to his 2 connected passers on the Q-side.

Marco unfortunately lost again, after having nothing to do after black dominated his light squares in the exchange french winawer (Bb4 exd5) :D I was suggesting some better improvements but unfortunately Marco missed both of them, so ended up with no play and just lost.....

Gavin was my man! Being a peice down (Bishop on g6 trapped??!?!?!?!??!?!?) he managed to take some overextended pawns on the kingside, and with 4 pass pawns and Rook vs.  Bishop  & Knight he managed to take down Suraj and returned to favour of having swindled in a lost position.

Raymond nabbed a quick draw with his opponent (thank god) and this 0.5 of a point contributed to the final winning score :D He made 2 illegal moves early on in the game and the coordinator(Mr. Lau) there was being quite pessistent about forfeiting Raymond should a 3rd illegal move appear.....

I actually bothered to call our coordinator (Island) and finally Richard GHills himself to confirm that, although I thought for an unrated JCL tournament such as this such extreme measures of arbitary were unnecessary, Richard stated that this can be enforced... even at 60 minute time control as well as a JCL tournament...... however I could understand Mr. Lau's agitation as his team's board 4 has previously been swindled in Match 1.... But it's all good

Rematch Result: 2.5-1.5 :D:D NORTH SYDNEY BOYS VICTORY!!!

Thanks guys for your support :D Games will be annotated and placed somewhere :P

Wonderful play from both teams (LOL)

Ummm hope to see you guys again next year Rusers :D


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