Dear Readers,

Today we were doing our final editting and was prepared to screen our videos at 3p.m!! It ended up starting at 3:20pm and every video the maker/s had to get up and sort of do an introduction speech, it was pretty interesting :P Seeing my trailer up on a BIG BIG Screen!! (hopefully almost the size of a proper cinema screen) :D

In the morning we arrived and we were brought up 10 minutes early in order to start out films! I had to work on my trailer, which I used the other program motion to create some whacky effects of my text, which was SOOOOO cool it wasn't funny! Yaya it was fun as hell, Glenn showed me and I was like OMG that is SOOO cool :D And I also saw Glenn fiddling on Colour, that was SOOO awesome as welll OMG editting technology these days :D We used final cut pro to do our editting :P And I at like 1:30pm I finished my trailer! Finally and Glenn and Martha both had a tune in and decided to add some more transition effects to prevent my music from stopping so suddenly, honestly I think for a first time it turned out really well, better than I expected :D During lunch we were watching Harry Potter Puppets xD Haha that was hilarious :D Oh and I had no 10 minute break, too busy editting :P and fighting with Woody to see who gets to put their credits on.... well at least I sold my credits to Ban, but seriously, my credits were much better ;) Hehe ummm..... :D

~~ Us in the computer room editing :P ~~

At the end of the day, we ended up showing 7 products!

1. My trailer
2. Tom's interpretation of Split Personality
3. Zombie Apocalyse group's interpretation
4. Ban's interpretation of Split Personality
5. Carly's Soundscape
6. Tom's interpretation of Zombie Apocalyse
7. Scout's interpretation of Split Personality

So yea..... it was really fun!

I have to thank a hell load of people though, so here goes:

Glenn and Martha --> Our teachers and helpers during our times of need
Tom and Willis --> Helping us with the technicalities of the camera and lighting respectively
AFTRS Back stage --> Those whose names I don't know, thank you so much for organising this!
My Crew --> Tom, Ban, Scout, Woody, Carly, Charles and Sam, couldn't have done it if I didn't have this wonderful team backing my amateur directing up!

In our screening of the films, we had the ENTIRE AFTRS come watch us, it was very awkward, having many people who were veterans at this come view our work, but it was all very fun, and the little kids at AFTRS were very keen on their questions :D But definitely, it was fun! :D Tomorrow is badminton with Adrian xD I need to get some rest and relax :D Hope you people are all having fun!

Signing off,


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On July 14, 2010 at 9:06 PM , Lucy G said...

Hey, Mr Future Star Director.

Here is you comment. It sounds like you had heaps of fun, and I await your Youtube video. And thankyou speeches already?! Haha, destined for success. xD