Dear Readers,

I was soooo exhausted from directing yesterday that I simply could not bring enough focus into my burdened head to blog yesterday. So today I've decided to do a double coverage of the past 2 days.... with photoes!! Yay!

~~ The Entertainment Quarter ~~

~~ Not quite visible, but the name of the game ~~

Divided into 2 groups, our group was put into the lounge set first in order to shoot our video. Our professional actors Suzannah and Andrew were our actors of the day, and we began our camera on a dolly, gradually panning into the scene. As I said before, Charles and I were directing, and Carly our camerawoman was our key weapon of the day, and she certainly did do a great job! Many thanks to the rest of the team too!

Before lunch time we had all the shots finished except one and had done many takes.

~~ Without our camerawoman, there would be no film ~~

The procedure usually goes:

Assistant Director: Sound?
Sound guy: Yep!
Assistant Director: Roll Camera!
Camerawoman (in this case): Set
Me: Action!

~~ Scene is shot... waits for a few seconds ~~

Me: Cut!!

After every shot and take I had to get up to speak my thoughts regarding acting to the actors, camera to the camerawoman, lightning, sound and all the other technical stuff :D Charles had a slightly easier job, just sitting down and staring at the monitor, and making decisions for me when I was uncertain. Tom also had lots of say in this, especially since he was the writer (with Ban! That's her name :D)

The other group requested an additional half an hour in the basement so we had an extra half an hour to finish the final shot, and Martha announced we could do one extra coverage and I spoke with everyone during lunch, and since everyone I was happy I simply said:

~~ "I know the extra coverage we're going to be doing after lunch, nothing." ~~

~~ You LIKE? The 10 000kW Lighting Camera at work. ~~

So then after lunch (I bought $7 pasta :D:D) we finished off the final shot and proceeded to the basement set. Unfortunately we took a long time to get ready, and our lightning technican Willis was absent when the rest of the crew was ready, thus giving us only 1 and a half hours to shoot 20+ shots, with multiple takes D:

Fortunately at the end we disregarded the unimportant shots, lost only a little bit of material but managed to get the vital shots done! Yay! My first successful film :P Directed by Jerry!

- On to my resume it goes -

I also got the actor's signature :D hehe:P I also recall Andrew jokingly say "when you're in hollywood give me a call" and whilst the whole group feel silent I replied "Yea sure, it won't be long." Haha! :D Well hopefully I won't be long ;) So at the end of a long day, we finished shooting, ready to edit.... but little did I know I got a shocker when I got back the next day...


Ahhh! I didn't realise.... but it didn't take that long :D We cleared the props :P With the help of Woody of course, and the school tour that was supposed to be on Monday was planned for today and we got to see the sound studios in AFTRS, which was pretty cool :D Haha :P $5500 speakers.... and there were 4 of them in that room.... LOL And then we headed back to the Maccers and started our editting. For lunch I bought lasagne and hot chocolate :P I was going for coffee but I already had a cup yesterday so yea :P

Half way through it was optional for us to head to a sound demonstration, and I decided to go. It was really cool! We watched 'Birthday Boy' with only Foley, effects, atmosphere, dialogue and finally watched the final mix of the sounds all together! It was sooooo cool. By the way I am making my first film, a trailer! Wow! It's sooo cool :P Hopefully!

3pm 130 Bent Street Entertainment Quarter tomorrow! Come to watch our short films!!

Hehe hopefully my first film doesn't turn out too horribly. :P Now that's it for the day!

I will leave you with this picture:

~~ My favourite toy in the screening world! (apart from the camera and final cut PRO) ~~

Signing Off,


p.s. I will thank everyone in my post tomorrow!

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