Dear Readers,

Aha! The day begins with me purchasing a prepaid bus ticket so I can actually catch a bus to where I want to go..... wth? I had to get off infront of Syd Boys, but luckily the bus didn't detour too much :D

I had my camera with me, and knowing me :P I had 10 photoes before I reached AFTRS :D I won't upload them today, because it'll take a long time but on Friday I will upload the video, the photoes, everything! :D

Today we began with a camera workshop, we got to fiddle around with $12000 (not 1200) cameras! WOW! Imagine what would happen should someone break it! Luckily no one did :D

So kinda learnt how to set up one, and the cameraman and camerawoman got an individual tutorial whilst the rest of us tried different techniques and styles with dollies!! Yay! on the one set up by Tom, our teacher for the session :D I sort of hanged around both, learning how to set up the camera as well as seeing other people fiddle around with white balance (which should be normally tungsten light of 3200k) and all this other cool stuff :D

We had a short break and then walked back in to see all the lightning equipment, ranging from a 75W one to a 10 000W one!! It was like huge!! Godly huge actually..... so big (no 'that's what she said's please :D)!! Like actually really big.

We then did some camera training and practise using different lightning to generate different effects. It was so cool! You could use:

i) Gels
ii) Reflectors
iii) White balance
iv) The different sized lights
v) 10 year/5 year filters :D:D Wow! LOL

And differnent techniques like

i) OTS
ii) Energy bouncer

and all these other cool ones :D And best of all

~~ We got to watch the action on PURE HD! ~~

During lunch break.... and alarm set off, and the staff lady comes up to us whilst all laughing at some ridiculous joke known as:

Me: How much was the coke?
Sam: Oh I don't know, but altogether the coke and time out was around 5 dollars
Charles: God that's gotta be the best damn coke you've ever had!

Whilst laughter erupts, she comes over and says:

~~ "It's not a big problem, try to relax, oh wait you ARE relaxed" ~~

And that just sends us into even bigger laughter...... we were just like "well yea we probably need to relax now, we're laughing too hard!"

The actors (professional!!) arrive after lunch and we spent the next 2 hours working with them on our story, our ideas and most importantly we gave our thoughts and received feedback and often extremely intelligent advice which we all took on board ;D We worked on both sets, I explained my ideas, and everyone gave their views and suggestions, and hopefully our camerawoman has a good idea of how to shoot tomorrow.

Another lesson I learnt that as a director if you forget to say cut at the end of the scene, the actors would just stand still! Sorry Andrew and Suzannah! I made them like stand still for 30 seconds..... D:D: xD So guilty :(

OMG The last 1 hour and 45 minutes was spent writing up the story board (which I had to sorta finish at home) and then Martha decided it would take us 2 years to finish, so she jumped in sustained our initiative and helped us finish the board and camera shooting schedule, so we'd have something to work with.

FINALLY! Our story board I finished at home! Oh yea, I forgot, on the way back to Central Station I bought 1/4 of a chicken to eat :D Haha Yummy! I was soooo hungry. :D Yes! Good luck to my team tomorrow! It is time shoot! I'm sooo excited :D hehe

Signing Off,


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