Dear Readers,

OMG AFTRS is sooooo AWESOME!! Wow! Hehe..... First thing's first, on the train to the city from Stratty and then at the bus stop I was like....

~~ Hang on! It's ALL prepaid! Crap! ~~

Sigh..... I was like.... whatever, I can't be bothered going to get a ticket at 7/11, so I decided to walk..... and was like 20 minutes late :P Great prediction too.

We (I, I should say) and had a look at the different types of film, how to draw of stimulation from the theme of the film, and also the first movie ever!

~~ A forty second clip of people disembarking from the train ~~

~~ Which literally had people fainting and screaming. running out of the room etc. ~~

We then had a look at the themes in terms of mise en scene, lightning, composition, styles of delivery (exaggerated, realistic) and the typical themes including motherhood (OMG Alien was the example), family (ratatouille (can't spell) and finding nemo) and lonliness (star wars??)

after a 75 minute lunch break!! (wow almost twice as long :D as my normal school lunch)

And then we went to have a look at the sets:

1) Horror Set AND
2) Lounge (happy house set)

Wow! That was really cool! I shall take photoes tomorrow :D hehe

We headed back to our room and then those people who had ideas, they suggested them, and we took votes! OMG The ideas were like (the amount of votes was roughly)

1) Basement Bedroom with scared kid --> 1 vote (LOL)
2) Split Personality --> 8 votes!! (one from me) WINNER!!
3) Serial killer kid --> 3 votes
4) Mother nature takes the loved one --> 3 votes I think?
5) Zombies/Saw --> 7 votes!!
6) Death visits --> 7 votes!! (one from me, had the inventor of the idea been allowed to transfer his second vote to his own idea, he would have won!)
7) The tormented one with a horrible pass (the basement kid? think that was the name) --> 4 votes! 

The winners were 5) and 2) suggested by Jess and Tom (Thomas) respectively! Haha Congratulations!

I went with Tom's group! :D No I was not his planned dinner :D Our group
Tom and (another girl... sorry I don't remember her name!)
Charles (lightning, costume and camera) and I (actors and relations) as directors
Carly as cameraWOMAN! :D hehe
Scout as editor (wow tough job!)
Sam as Lightning 'crew'
Woody (Marcus)! as designer (set and costume)

So, there's out team! :D

We had formulated a script, and once I finish blogging, I'm going to do some script interpreting :D hehe Don't worry peoples! The film will be up on friday! :D

Photoes tomorrow as well! 

That's all for now. Happy holidays girls and boys! :D:D

Signing Off,


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