Evening Readers,

I know it's almost been a month since drama camp, but I havent' fogotten about it! It was a very memorable camp for me and thus now I am sparing time (right before a maths test too!) to write the final day. The morning we woke up... I was conscious of the fact that we had to say our goodbyes today with everyone :(
So disappointing, now to get over it :P

Alright so the idea was rehearsals, followed by pre performance to everyone to get an idea of where we're all up to... and then we have a performance practise run and then we perform and then we cry as we leave :P

I won't give an extensive report on how we actually came up with the scenes because it'll bore you to tears, but we had advice given everywhere, I will try and recount the interesting bits... first things first, :D

Pancakes for Breakfast!! :D :D :D :D Maple Syrup :D

And then rehearsals...

And then Morning tea... chocolate cupcake! x 2 :D Oh I love life :D I grabbed my two cakes and went down into the lower hall (where our group rehearsed) and played the piano :D

Wow we had practise runs, and everyone's artworks were comedy.... except for group 7! Wow a dramatic contrast, a depressing tale of 5 unfortunate people xD Killed the mood for EVERYONE :(

They represented 5 stereotypes with physical theatre for 4 people and the remaining person, one at a time, told their story as the masked actors performed the scenes XD Wow that was really good too!

The cool one was Jeremy Span's group... featuring an in house robbery with statues, misunderstanding and a judge?! Wow :D

Lunch... can't remember... Fish and Chips perhaps? Because I remember chicken, chicken burger and fish and chips :D... ummm errr

More rehearsal... oh and for some reason Annabelle was a little 'unhappy' I don't know what happened... but our group decided to deliver a little song to her --> 'Don't worry, be happy' :D Hope you liked it! ;D

Our practise performance run was defined by figuring out props and how each group takes props in and out of stage.... there were no rules... just one

~~ "Do it right, or we do it again." - Mulcher ~~

So one group ended up delaying us for like 20 minutes... wth... :( The idea was, when we finish, we go to dinner, less time for dinner, less time to relax, less time to relax, more chance of stress... although not really :D We had a lot of fun. Dinner was well spent, Dylan went around taking photoes everywhere :D And we got our drama shirts! And we're performing in them :D

Aww... time to say goodbye :D Oh I still have a questionnaire to fill out, and wow I learnt so much! :D Loved EVERY bit of the camp :D

Thanks to:

--> Mulcher
--> Phillip
--> Susan
--> David
--> 'Sparkles'
--> Swirt!
--> Impro Australia!! :D
--> Behind the Scenes Organisers
--> Friends!
--> Cooks
--> Possums :D

And the list goes on :D

100% recommendation to all year 9 and 10 students as of next year ;P

Thanks to everyone again :D

Signing Off,


p.s. LOL Justine :P Nice try there :P

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