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Now I am sitting up on Sunday morning after studying 60 memorable games and trying to recall as much detail as I can on the second day of camp. Which of course was still awesome. It seems we have a group photo now :D Yay! Now First things first we've got breakfast which was bacon and eggs with toast :) (I got two eggs) Yummy! It was so cold in the morning but Michael was still wearing shorts! (What a hiker!) And we discovered the heater hiding in the corner :D And the Can-Of-War continues :P I think

Playbuilding --> Transposing:

I remember we did a lot of exercises that involved our faces. Relieving the jaw, laughing, err.... massaging jaw muscles and overall lowering the level of intensity in our faces. :) Apparently frowning involves the movement of many more muscles than smiling... anyway...

So we were focusing on producing smooth transitions from scene to scene, even though they may be seemingly unrelated... examples include:
--> Music

--> Costume Change

--> Pattern/Rhyme/Beat

--> And more? Some professionals fill me in?
Ok anyway first thing we did was try to exit and enter the 'stage' properly and thus we had to construct a quick story based on exiting and entering stage. Alissa, Dhruv and I turned ourselves into firemen, taking a cool and driving off to Pitt Street?! All well. In our rehearsals Alissa exited stage on the other side and thus even though we're in the same car.... we come on at opposite ends on the stage! No worries, it was quickly fixed. Funny because then I hear a noise from inside the burning building, and head off... but come back dehydrated with no harvest and request for water... funny because we had 2 hoses but Alissa had to run offstage to get me water :D Yes that was funny... but give it up for the next two sentences:

~~Dhruv: It's great being a firemen eh?~~

~~Jerry: Yes. Aim high.~~

The other groups did something about teenage confrontations with their parents, being late to school and something esle... someone refresh my memory :( All well. Now we were going to practise transitions into different scenes. Although our zen to karate scene was not too bad... we used some weird noise and from sitting down to standing down... umm but Nicole, Kate, Isabelle and Louise's detention centre was the BEST! :D Featuring a gradual transformation

from kids trapped in a detention centre to monkeys at a zoo. It all started with:

--> Fidgetting

--> Yelling detention

--> Getting out of their chairs

--> Banging the chairs

--> Yapping like non homo sapiens

--> Yapping like monkeys...

--> Standing up on the chair like monkeys....

--> And all of a sudden.... they were monkeys!! :D

So gradual isn't it? xD

We concluded and headed off to morning tea, this time with chocolate cupcakes... :) I ate two :D

Physical Skills --> Walking on heels kills

The mighty Mulcher led us in this one, saving the best for last :) xD Hehe :D Let us begin with a quote:

"Nowadays people are forgetting about their feet." - Unknown for now"

Well well we quickly noticed walking differently and with different parts of our feet actually generated different characters. :P Oh example the zombie walk was walking on the side on the feet, leaning to one side, that was pretty cool :P Haha We also got to listen to relaxing music... and also some dodgy music.

First physical exercise we did I think it was posing statues. We had to produce exaggerated movements and keep them there. I'd say a test of endurance rather than abilities?? xD Haha Some of us had to stand one legged, both hands out like an aeroplane.. for 1 minute... and we died... :( At least there was a sculptor xD (the person that tells us how to pose according to Mulcher's instructions) and we each took turns in being the sculptor, so revenge has been taken :D 

Yay! Haha The next exercise was taking turns at performing nursery rhymes:

i) Jake and Jill
ii) Humpty Dumpty
iii) Incy Wincy Spider xD

basically we have 3 freeze frames... but the next process we had to incorporate gradual transformations xD (putting our previous workshop into good use) and then..... switch nursery rhymes.. and keep going :)
Omg my group was picked for incy wincy spider... first.... OMG we just had two people link hands for the tunnel and then two people add their arms and legs together to make 8 spider legs and there we go! :D Omg Louise is pro... xD Omg she did a handstand whilst gripping onto someone's body for support... so freaky... Basically the person went down on all fours to make a chair and then Louise wrapped her around her... and out comes the handstand xD This was for Humpty Dumpty so Louise was the wall xD

Then we had to do it in timing to the music xD The music was freaky freaky xD It was random.... clown music followed by horror genre music... what da? xD

Oh and then we had to do a short mime on our daily routine for something in ten steps. I did cooking! Yay :D

1. Opens the Lid
2. Grabs Bigg xD Spoon
3. Picks it up
4. Dip it into the pot
5. Lifts it out.
6. Gently lets the soup drip out of the spoon and into my bowl
7. Picks up bowl
8. Gently blows to let it cool down
9. Drinks it
10. Places the bowl back down

And then we had to exaggerate it.... I'll leave that one up to your imagination :)

And all of a sudden... it was time for lunch :)

Oh Yummy we had Chicken ..... a chicken burger perhaps? xD And some salad yummy yummy .... and then finally... onto the workshop of my lifetime :D

Improvisation --> Realisation

Professional Actor Barren Swirt was out teacher :P and the lesson started 10 minutes late because everyone was talking... and when I asked him why he doesn't want to get everyone's attention he simply replied...

~~ "I don't want to have to try to get everyone's attention" ~~

I said fair enough :) and a couple of us waited there until everyone was quite... and then the lesson began.

First we had a quick 'give our names' as we go around the circle. And then we began a very interesting exercise.

The activity demanded two lines 'May I go over to where you're standing?' and 'Yes you may' with slight variations. Basically in a circle we were to send over the message using eye contact, gestures and other means of communication. After a couple of goes, he commented, although in a quiet voice:

~~ "Very robotic, unrealistic, sometimes haste and often unsincere." ~~

But we soon got better as we were constantly reminded the need to be generous. The idea is this... in improvisation... everything is offered, and only with an alert, generous ready heart are we able to respond to this offer and in turn make the other person look good. Similar to the scrips in action workshop, we have to act on instinct. We got better very quickly, and basically everything started following, eye contact was occuring, arm gestures were in place we got pretty quick. If the partner seems to have been a little ambiguous with the arm anyway.... accept it! Just take it and go! :D Haha that is cool :)

Pretty soon we had to cut off the words and use pure physical skills to swap places all over the circle! :D

Soon we started another exercise... and things just kept on getting better :) xD haha ^_^" musical chairs version two. Instead of having one less seat than the amount of people playing... it is exactly the same. One person stands, and is 'in' and the rest supposedly sits. Now the aim of the guy standing (which is this case was Barren) is to sit on a chair, and of course those sitting has to stop him. Now the idea is to keep moving around so that he never gets to sit on a chair. Barren gave us a handicap and said he would only walk, but betted us we wouldn't last 30 seconds. We didn't. We lasted 10. xD Fail.

After a couple of more attempts someone had to ask him to leave the room so we could figure something out. This guy is way cool man! He just left without saying anything xD .... and after our team huddle finished we continued but we still couldn't last more than a couple of minutes. Arrghh we were getting frustrated... we tried having one person direct, we tried to do some other stuff, but most importantly... people began to PANIC... and thus leaving their seat when Barren was right next to it. As I pointed out... free chair anyone? xD

Finally after lots of practise we managed to last 5 minutes and then we moved on the mini version of this xD game. Now it's only 4 chairs situated left right up down. And one guy in the middle, trying to get a chair. Now the aim of the people sitting down was to try to exchange places, trying to get 10 points... one exchange via diagonal is 2 points, across the room (left to right and up to down) is 4 points.

Barren gave us a good demo. The idea is to lure the person away from the centre, so an exchange can take place xD. So he got up off his seat and sit on the ground and said, 'free chair' :D

Unfortunately me and Dhruv had to sit out on the first go xD wow that was fun xD Haha :) we couldn't wait for a go. And then Dhruv was in first, and but he stole my seat cos Sarah B. failed to understand my sign language... sigh. The game continued xD... and then finally the best activity of all time. Allow me:

~~ "Accept everything in the spirit in which it was given." - Barren Swirt ~~

The next game consists of one person sitting on a chair (eventually 2) and then everyone line up and take turns into stepping forward, giving them a reason to get off the chair. Below are some of the ones I did... and some of the awesome ones :)


--> Kneels down and holds out both hands like a good servant giving the princess a hand and she took it and got off the seat xD

--> Ripping off the mask - inserts incomprehensible audio xD haha

--> Falls down and requests help....

--> Turns into police man and tells girl without license to get out of car xD haha sorry xD

Some good ones:

--> Bugs bunny gets a pistol out!

--> Mimes the process of opening a door with invitation

--> Planting a bomb gradually (this is one of the slow ones)

--> Fishing! Yay!

~~ 'Fishing girls, if only it were that easy.' - Xu ~~

And without realising time dwindled away, leaving us in memories of the best workshop! :P Save the best till last :P It's just received popularity from me :P I'll miss Barren :(

After afternoon tea we were sorted into performance groups (1 boy per group xD) and I was put with Elisse, Rachael, Emma and Justintime :D Criteria was simple... we had to use this line at the start of the play :P and it had to be 6-8 minutes long

~~ "I don't think this is such a good idea" ~~

We came up with a restaurant scene.... worked on it for the rest of the lesson... then trashed it :D then some dating show... trashed it... then our idea came out tomorrow :D

At dinner we had beef nachoes :P OMG Yummy, except I was concentrating on the watermelon so the vegies weren't cleared up. Unfortunately I turned up 10 minutes late to dinner so the table was full.... what a shame... so I got to sit next to the teachers :P

I was talking to Phillip about work experience, ATYP, and Phillip mentioned another NSB (anonymous unfortunately), according to Phillip he was the most OTT actor he had ever seen... wow! and eventually Mulcher joined in... his advice...

~~ "Stalk their websites, give them a call, and request recommendation." ~~

I was like alright... although at the time of completing this blog post I had already found work experience (despite not in the drama industry)... :D

Wow everyone seems to have such a fun time without me :( Haha... nah :P Tonight Mulcher announced we were allowed to watch a movie in the main hall because he already had figured out no one was going to sleep anyway... but I had something planned :P Just like a chess player. I knew I would be bloggin about this soon... so I decided to try and recollect my thoughts through my favourite element of entertainment... music :D

I didn't enter the main hall... found a safe spot under the dining room... and stayed there till like 10:30... then Phillip was like... you're not allowed here... sigh. I had to head somewhere esle... but it wasn't as peaceful.... especially with Sarah chatting to Tom all the time on the phone... although he was a cool guy :D

Anyway the second day concludes with all workshops finished... and performance rehearsals beginning.

Signing Off,


p.s. FMS --> Fart, Shark, Mayo!

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