Evening Readers,

I know it's almost been a month since drama camp, but I havent' fogotten about it! It was a very memorable camp for me and thus now I am sparing time (right before a maths test too!) to write the final day. The morning we woke up... I was conscious of the fact that we had to say our goodbyes today with everyone :(
So disappointing, now to get over it :P

Alright so the idea was rehearsals, followed by pre performance to everyone to get an idea of where we're all up to... and then we have a performance practise run and then we perform and then we cry as we leave :P

Morning Readers,

Now I am sitting up on Sunday morning after studying 60 memorable games and trying to recall as much detail as I can on the second day of camp. Which of course was still awesome. It seems we have a group photo now :D Yay! Now First things first we've got breakfast which was bacon and eggs with toast :) (I got two eggs) Yummy! It was so cold in the morning but Michael was still wearing shorts! (What a hiker!) And we discovered the heater hiding in the corner :D And the Can-Of-War continues :P I think

Playbuilding --> Transposing:

I remember we did a lot of exercises that involved our faces. Relieving the jaw, laughing, err.... massaging jaw muscles and overall lowering the level of intensity in our faces. :) Apparently frowning involves the movement of many more muscles than smiling... anyway...