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I just got back from the visit to SIO (Sydney's biggest chess tournament) and since I wasn't playing this year, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to visit. Last year there was a giant chess and a tables set up in a square shape to allow simultaneous exhibitions, and this year was of course no exception:

~~ Front of the Entrance to Parramatta Townhall ~~

~~ FM Vladimir Smirnov at work --> Giving a simul ~~

Haha yes I had read on chesschat the other day he scored 19.5/20 and at the end of the day 48.5/50 xD wow.... in one of the day's simuls and I thought maybe I should give it a shot..... after taking a look inside the venue and seeing what everyone was up to :P

since everyone had already started playing ;)

I walked inside and I noticed the light around me die down as I remembered that this hall was quite dark compared to the Hellenic Club in Canberra and so I quickly found the arbitors desks

~~ To the Left: Games Enterer Ronald Scott (left) and Moulthun Ly (right)

Shane Burgess (left) and other juniors ~~

So when I got there, most people were already finished and I saw Tan fiddling around with a Rubic Cube, so chess is not his only hobbie eh? xD haha Well Brendan and I decided to wait till Ron finished his stuff and then go have lunch (which ended up being around 3:30) which was when the next round starts anyway. So I decided to visit Brian's bookstore:

      ~~ FM Brian Jones' (organisor of SIO) Bookstore ~~
I had a look around, found some interesting titles, but unfortunately I didn't buy anything since I had already bought 'My 60 memorable games' by Fischer at the Doeberl Cup a couple of days ago. So I had a look around the place and saw little Smirnov playing against Castor but little Smirnov defended like a genius (for a child) and drew the game... but it goes to say it's just impossible to trick little Smirnov in the endgame... :( Also interesting was Sean Gu's (who was white) win against FM Gene Nakauchi... where Sean had a crushing position supplemented with a pawn on e7 that was about to promote into a new queen, so once queen's came off, Sean's queen jumped back on... but Gene's didn't... and it was rather unfortunate. 

And it is very amusing to compare the difference between an empty SIO hall and a filled up SIO hall xD ~~

~~ An SIO filled with people .... and *Arbiter holding microphone* ~~

~~ An empty SIO hall.... awww what a shame :( ~~

All well. After lunch and checking how the games are going I left the venue and headed home. It was fun!

Weather Forecast:

--> Can FM Fernandez get a GM norm?
--> Can Australia's newest GM Norm acquirer gain his final rating points to qualify for the GM title??
--> Badminton tomorrow! (did I kill the mood?)

Lol Don't kill me! And don't stay awake all night wondering either! Alright ladies and gents, good night

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On April 10, 2010 at 11:20 PM , Chiara said...

hahaha. you blog so much about chess. what a passion you have~! ^^ and suuuch a cool layout too! good work. -pat pat-