Evening Readers,

Lol I must admit that chess players seem to be very patient... and I got my accomodation at the last minute. My schoolmate decided to enter... and since he and I didnt have accomodation... the simple result

Tan the Bordeaux Man + Me = Accomodation Sorted :D

So yea... I am going to Canberra for 4 days 3 nights to compete in Doeberl Major :D Lots of fun.... yea catching a plane there! Yay!

Lots of things happened at school today... science and then VA I had to sketch up the grid... which I did! Finished on time.. so happy. Lol in english we had a shakespeare quiz... which was really random... and since me and Tong weren't fast enough we failed to claim first place.... congratulations to Turbofish amongst others who did. XD Oh in PE we just played basketball.... holy crap in the second round of horses I was playing like a god.... (even though I never play basketball) I was like getting everything in... and shooting in 3 points like 1/3 of the time... thats just scary... xD anyway...

But the period of the day goes to Maths. As we all know (or you're about to find out) Jason Lay-K's (layk for short) love for maths has been evident again and again in his test results and when he was finishing his maths homework under the desk during a practical emergency drill. Like seriously... dedication to the max :D I wish I had that kind of dedication to chess and other things.. :P Anyway.... today however... get this:
  ~~ Layk's Unforgivable Crime ~~

Layk today has committed the offence of playing a video game today during the lesson of maths. As clearly evident his love for maths is beyond help, it is unclear why he has undertaken such a relaxing activity inplacement of his usual fast-moving arm and wrist as he neatly defines his answer on his maths workbook.

My maths teacher:

" We should write this somewhere and say "Jason Lay-Kennedy playing games during maths on the 1st of April (this is not a joke)."" Haha

My friend on the other side of Layk:"

"He's on steriods." -nods head vigorously-

A crime or way of relaxation? You be the judge. :D

Anyway so that was the awesome event of the day hehe so I got home... told my parents I was going  to Canberra... and they're like... ok you book the ticket and pack your stuff.. so I got to work... now I'm done.. just relaxing hehe ^_^ Btw if i don't get internet access... I won't be able to blog... so Maybe you'll see me again on 5th of April... of not... 6th :P hehe ^_^ For now... students and adults alike... enjoy your rest time! I hope you have a great holiday... see you guys and girls soon :P

Weather Forecast

--> Canberra by plane! ~~ Cold weather
--> Early get-up... sigh ^_^
--> Holidays! Have fun!

Signing Off,

Jerry Xu

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