Evening Readers,

I am now back from drama camp, and through the weekend I will actually type up on what was going on in the past couple of days, as I ventured into Naamaroo Conference Centre for the 2010 Northern Region Drama Camp.

Arrival Night:

So as the night dawns I arrive at the centre, register my arrival with Phillip, Susan and Cameron. As I set to drop my luggage on a corner of the room, I swung my head in the general direction and ....

~~ Oh God... I saw like 2 boy heads and 30 girl heads~~

I was like... right.... and Susan comes up...

'You might have to sit in the midst of girls'

Well very soon, Dylan and Jeremy showed up :P And the fun began ever since. I remember cabin rooms were consecutive numbers and thus Jeremy and Dylan swapped seats. :P It was pretty cool when Jeremy turned up. Dylan had an awesome name tag with the treble clef as the 'd' and a keytar as well as bass guitar strings on the top left hand corner of the name tag. :P

Mine was just plain boring, wrote Ryan Kostiavsky in different colours :P

Quote of that night:

~~'It's EXACTLY what it looks like!' - Jeremy Span~~

I met Tash, Dannika and amongst other friends in the camp. :P We formed a circle, and played a game that involved us remembering the names of the people next to us, which of course is to get to know each other. And 3 names in a row were Jerry, Jeremy, Jake and Isabelle, Annabelle and Anna.... :) Great way to remember names there :D Thanks to Phillip leading us in our first activity.

Then there was supper... :P And since some boys didn't turn up, me and Dhruv got moved into Cabin 14 with Jeremy and Michael... ^_^ so now there was 4 people in Cabin 14. But what was awesome was we had showers and toilets attached to our rooms, but unfortunately the girls cabins had neither, so they had to walk outside in the chilling night just to brush their teeth and have a shower :P. So we realised we had to get by 8:15am in time for breakfast... so a 10:30pm sleep sounded good. But the event of the night was

~~ Oh Look a cabin door is open!~~

~~ The possum takes notice.... ~~

~~ Yes. ~~

You see, possums like to take a scroll on the balconies and Naamaroo Conference Centre at night.

Cameron came to the rescue, and the possum was evicted from the cabin.

With Masks workshop first, 30+girls and only 7 boys (ouch!) we were off to a great start!

---> Day 1 <---
At 5:00am we see Jake get up and go for the coke zero in the vending machine.... and the Can of War started... to see where the Coke Zero can would end up last...
Cabin 15's Balcony?
Cabin 14's Balony?
Found out... at the end :D
Well we started with an awesome breakfast consisting on toasted crossiants with bacon and melted cheese xD Yummy! I had one and a half on them cos Annabelle didn't want hers and Jake and I shared it :D

Working with Masks --> Such a task!:

And then we headed off to masks down to the lower hall (which was conveniently below the dinning room). The masks workshop was really fun! Nicole managed to read her sheet incorrectly and ended up joining us, making our group size 13 instead of 12 :)

We started with crossing the rope, which was physical movement with a character change half way. :) I did a guy crawling because he was almost dead.... and then suddenly he was up walking again. :D And then in our 'double lazzi' me and Dhruv were riding a horse.... and then all of a sudden we were driving cars :D All well. We also got a free mask each! For us to keep! Dammit I should've got people to sign it xD Like Sarah B. and Rachael and everyone esle did :) Then we decided to explore the possiblities of communication without audio (what?) by using physical expressions visible to the audience. I was working with Kate this time and we produced the student-teacher relationship. I was the teacher....

Writes 31/2/10 (which happens to be a non existent date) on the white board. Continues by writing:


-tilts head-

-tries again-

1 --> Nods
+ --> Nods
1 --> Nods
= --> -tilts heads-

OMG...... I give up! xD

Anyway we followed by doing a nursery rhyme (which was to happen at the physical theatre tomorrow anyway) which me and Isabelle were to do Jake and Jill :P. We simply used the balcony and I just came tumbling down (with my mask on!) :D Omg before that we had to express ourselves with our mask on... OMG Dhruv's head tilt was so awesome :D

He stood straight ahead. And turned his head backwards OMG I gotta put a photo of this up xD Wait :D for it:

~~Insert Photo~~

Ok so since we were the first group we decided to plan the masked ghosts.... basically we were going to paint our masks outside the glass window in the dining hall :) But instead of frightened faces, laughter erupted through the hall. There was a video of our rehearsal for this supposed prank. :P Anyway Susan co-operated with us and announced we were in trouble... as we came on from behind. But the problem was that the glass windows were interrupted by a door halfway... and since I was last... I was trying to mime a glass wall ... and almost fell over ;(. Anyway morning tea was blueberry cupcakes! Yummy as well :D :D :D

Comedy Skills --> Slapstick involving a beatstick (me):

Phillip was taking the class in this one, which him introducing different types of slapstick comedy. Slapstick originated from Commedia dell' Arte, which slapstick was literally two wood boards attached by a small peice of board at one end, and when it was swing with force, the two boards collide, making a loud noise.

Firstly slapstick comedy is basically humour generated when someone gets hurt. Obviously it can't be very long, otherwise the audience will tend to take it seriously. It was funny when Phillip was explaining to us... if you react abnormally to something... it could be funny :)

We did heapz of stuff like, slapping, falling, tripping, slipping :), bumping into each other in a haunted house, kicking, eye poking?! xD The cool thing was I got to work with Phillip to practise these slapsticks, which are pretty cool :D

For falling basically we used our arms to support our head and making sure we don't hit the ground too hard or drop our shoulders too quickly. Hair pulling is basically the same deal, whilst slapping and eye poking you can do a cue before hand (such as putting up an amount of fingers) and going with the flow. Unlike in school, the person getting applauses :(. Eye poking was more fun, creating illusions and learning the eye poking routine. We had a hard time perfecting 'bumping into each other' because we had to take steps in opposite directions, and then walk backwards at a constant rate... which was... genuinely difficult. Omg I came back ten minutes late to write this, the double take slapstick is SOO awesome :) muhaha that is probably one of my better movements. And also the 'clown jump like crazy hehe' and the statue are also awesome :D HAHA. OMG I also forgot 'stuck' I have such a bad memory :( And chasing as well

We then had to produce a quick peice of getting stuck and I had to help Dhruv get his hand out of a jar, only to get mine stuck inside. :( But it all ended well when I got my hand out too.

Then we produced a peice involving at least 5 elements of slapstick in groups of either 2, 3 or 4 people and me and Dhruv came up with the following:

1. e4!

I'm joking :D Sorry.... Dx

Late at night, Dhruv and I standing outside with guns in our hand once we close the door. We close the door and do a double take (1) and find the item (it is still unknown to this day!). Unfortunately my character got stuck (2) in a jar and after 2 attempts I finally became unstuck.

Finally with a distraction Dhruv manages to snatch the item and run. Upon realisation I chase him (3), catch up and then take the item from him and the reversal chase begins. Yay! Dhruv falls over (4) (and scrapes his arm ouch!) and I do the clown dance (5) until he gets up then I become a statue (6). And takes a walk around me, kicks me and then finally a familiar routine :D

~~ A slow but familiar sequence ~~

Then I scare him and whack him with the item. :D He falls unconscious :(

Hehe That's it! :( Now I wish I brought a camera with me to the camp... should've recorded that :D

Scipts in Action --> Act on intuition :D

So finally the last work shop of the day... I'm on 1.5k words at the minute and I've got this workshop and impro Australia to go... :) Well ok we started with introduction and quickly moved onto explanation of acting with instinct.

"Do NOT do anything unless someone/something makes you." - David

Basically it means in the world of acting, to make it real... you have to actively listen to your co-horde on stage, and not just act according to the script, but according to the situation. That was such an instructive moment, it took all of us a while to understand but eventually we got it. Acting via instincts gives us more insight into ourself as well as the character.

David's idea of actors trapped in their head means that sometimes people are too worried about the outcome, and of course proceed to plan ahead (like you would in chess, yea?) but in drama hesistation destroys the magic of realism and that sometimes going by instinct when confronted with an idea/line or action is the best way to go. (in fact it is the best way to go) Funny how Rach F. kept asking question and defining limits... when you're not supposed to.

I think this is pretty closely related to improvisation, but one big difference. Just pretend on stage you don't know what's going to happen next until it happens. That makes it more real :D I really don't know how to define it. But that's only cos I don't completely understand it :(.

"Don't think. Just do" - David

It was really awesome how he got us in partners to close our eyes and then open them and say the first thing we see in the other person. That was a nice exercise. And then another element. Copy the other person until they do something esle then you say it... :D

"Black shirt"


"You just smiled"


"You just blinked"

etc. :D

Unfortunately that lesson ended quite quickly... and I actually don't remember much because he did alot of talking... I just tried to summarise it back then :D Funny because I had my name tag on so he actually thought my name was Ryan (I'm so cheeky) :(. OMG I got the vid of Dylan wobbling... this was one of the warm ups we did in the workshop:

We had dinner, comprising of salad and and then we were ready for Impro Australia :D Where some of the best improvisers in Australia put on a show :D

Impro Australia --> Instanteous Entertainment


They accepted ALL the offers, and put up a GREAT show! Hehe Everyone who ever attended their shows will know. Thanks to:

--> Jeff (spokesperson)
--> Brent
--> Michael &
--> -insert ladys name- I forgot :( :( :(

Some of the stuff they did included:

Sequels to:

--> Avatar
--> Titantic

Replays of:

--> Lion King (Horror genre)
--> Alice in Wonderland (with 4, 2 and 1 actors!)

They also replayed Gladiator and Mean Girls at once where each movie is played seperately and the other starts when they use the last line of the scene from the other movie. They also did a scene where they have to change countries and genres... OMG I loved the Sci-fi genre:

~~ "Honey we need to talk"
~~ Walks to one side
~~ Rips off mask
~~ Inserts incomprehensible audio

LOL :D Everyone REMEBERS that... especially since I kept bringing it up. xD

Sequel to Avatar was earthlings gaining revenge whilst the Navi renamed the planet Avatar... and proceeded to go to earth and kill everyone there... it was very random. Coffee and Tea became weapons... :( And then the humans went for the obtainium and then they got killed too. :D

Sequel to Titantic was Rose (the lady) going on a ship with a captain for revenge using the iceberg harpoon. Unfortunately the iceberg was destroyed by one harpoon, but the lady kills herself to reunite with Jack. LOL Funny as.

Lion King horror was hilarious. It started off with a pregnant lady (who slept with the lion king) and then all of suddenly the lion burst out and its naaaaazipenyaa! LOL Then we see Scar with his 23 wives... and then Mufasa and Simber confront Scar and Scar uses his scars (127 of them actually) to defeat Mufasa and Simber... but I think the hyenas got them?

Alice in wonderland Brent going solo was SOOOOO funny!! A one man team, Brent had to act out the movie by himself. Non-stop Brent transformed from Alice to rabbits, to dragons, to the queen and the white witch. :) It was entertaining!

After that came supper... with apples and just a drink will do. Some people made tea, milo or coffee... some didn't. Lol We all hang outside till 10 and then had to go inside our cabins :( Until lights out at 10:30am. Lol Cabin 15 got busted by Mulcher who came in at like 11pm and told them to shush :) And apparently cabin 3 didn't shut up till 2am :)

OMG Such a long blog for 1 day... sigh I'm taking a break and relaxing now :D Miss you all peoplez xD

Signing Off,


p.s. I've gotta upload the video xD

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