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Currently sitting at home infront of my computer, I have finished playing at Doeberl Cup and I must say, the last round was a complete disaster but I managed with 4/7 anyway, which was one point more than my previous year's score. So an improvement... Congratulations to winner Samuel Dalton from Vic :P First of all:

Day 3:

So today I was paired with Victorian Junior Thomas Feng and I had already figured out he would play the French.... but I barely prepared as I was really tired last night and just decided I would play the Tarrasch and that would be it.

In other words after 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 my preparation ends XD

However, after some slight inaccuracies and overlooking tactics, I managed to get into a worse position, but once again (I should stop this) I swindled my opponent and won the game eventually, after he blundered into mate in 3 ending all resistance. Ron had finished pretty quickly as well, after beating IM Stefan Macak (2450+!!) in a Philidors. That was pretty impressive. So I decided to go have lunch with Ron today, and went for the mild vindaloo beef and garlic chicken I think, a good contrast from the portuguese chicken kebab I had yesterday lunch. Yummy!

So I headed back to the venue only to discover I'm playing last year's winner of the tournament, Colin Cloudsdale (1923) who has not had a good tournament, playing 5 juniors and drawing with 2 and losing to 2..... including Tan and I xD ouch! My attitude towards this tournament have been rather mixed, because I wasn't really here for the chess, just for a quick holiday, so just before the game NDC told me to expect Be2, but instead he hit me with 6. f4 xD in the Najdorf... and since I was rather tired I didn't manage to figure out the best sequence... and...

I was completely outplayed in the opening, soon I had minimal to no counterplay and had to sac a pawn to in an attempt to get counterplay. It worked, with my opponent's king being in the open, and after his inaccuracy I overtook the initiative and in time trouble he defended rather poorly and I finished the day with a 2/2 win and performance rating of 2056! During the game I was like...

1. Oh no... where is my play? And then I sacrificed the pawn...
2. How do I defend mate? and then he plays an inaccuracy when the game continues on handing me the initiative, my heart started racing.... can I swindle? Can I beat the defending champion? .......
3.  My opponent plays another inaccuracy, where is the win, if there is one? Me looking for the mate in desperate time trouble.

The last 10 minutes involved me looking for mates and threats in desperate time trouble. After I won, I apologised for swindling him and when I got into the analysis room I threw my arms up :P

Although I had won 2 games in a row, I was rather disappointed with the level of my play, and I was determined to beat Derek Yu and finish on a good score (actually great score) of 5/7. Our last night eating at the Chinese restaurant, I ordered Garlic Butter King Prawns! Yummy hehe! And we had rice as usual, with the chicken, crispy pork and lamb being gobbled down quickly by the crew.  So we headed back, and seemingly as we're quite early today (for once!) we had plenty of time to prepare and take a break. :) That night though, we went to coles and everything was on special ~~

                     ~~ Special Feast ~~

Three flavoured milks for $6 --> Grabs for Me, Encel and Tan
4 Bottles of 1.25L soft drinks for $5 --> Encel and Shi grabs
Giant Packet of Honey Soy Chicken Chips for 3.50 --> Grabs
2 bottles of 1L orange juice for $6 --> Grabs :P

Day 4:

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DISASTER, after a couple of inaccuracies from my opponent, I quickly acheived a winning position and black could resign after Bxh7 but it seems that Derek doesn't want to give up. When that position occured, I stared at the board for 17 minutes trying to find a win, but missed both Be4! and Qg4! which Tan found in like 30 seconds.... upon seeing both moves after the game I thought to myself, there was a win, I was just too stupid to see it.... or maybe I was concentrating too much on other moves.... I don't know ^_^" I wonder what Brendan would say when he sees the game.... -imagines for a few seconds - Ok I better not print my imagination into black and white... it could be a little scary....

~~ Me (left) in the final Round playing Derek Yu (2009 Fide) ~~

You can see in the photo two players, head down, intense concentration (even though I wasn't really concentrating anyway because I was still in prep XD)

-rewind before the game-

This morning we got up, checked out of our hotel, and finally walked to the bakery one last time to grab one of the different pies that were available there, today it was potato and steak pie :) We got there and then the game started... and yea.... so after the game we finally decided to have lunch at the bistro for once instead of the chinese restaurant.... and soon after it was 2:30pm and Tan and I were ready to leave :( We watched the final phrase of Solomen - Ikeda and then grabbed a photo of Tan and the trophies and scampered off to catch the bus. Upon asking the information desk we discovered we had to catch 900 (weekends) to the city, and go on station 6 and catch another bus to the airport (omg ticket was $4.50!!)

Tan took a couple of photoes of the environment whilst we were on the bus:

~~ The calm, clear blue sky (don't know why a section is blurred, glass window perhaps?) ~~

What was even more interesting than the calm blue sky is what we saw printed above the seats on the roof of the glass ceiling of the bus stop:

~~ Above on the roof you can see shapes that resemble foot prints ~~

Pretty cool eh? Shapes producing footprints, very creative :) So me and Tan decided to take a picture of us detecting this. History:

Tan: That's pretty cool, we should take a picture
Jerry: Haha a chess player's observation, yea alright you first :P

Anyway so we caught a plane home, and now SIO & SIC begins in two days! Have fun chessies and good holiday to you all :P

Oh yea I just remembered:

 ~~ A junior chess player's life living at a hotel with his/her friends ~~

Jerry: You get to eat whenever you want, sleep whenever you want, get up whenever you want etc.

~~ Response ~~

 Mizu Melon: - shiny eyes -
Crazy Lala: Screw you man!
Signing off,


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