Evening Readers,

First thing's first...... I'm going to play Doeberl because I need a break from school and doing work for once in my life... but in all honesty... there is no prep done, no training done...no nothing. And I don't usually feel motivated unless I've felt like I'm fully prepared, and I am NOT prepared.... just brewing whatever I can :) Just like BonScott (lol maybe slightly different) XD

Day 1:

I was up 20 minutes late... but managed to arrive to the airport on time and safely land in Canberra at like 9:30am in the morning.... so like 4 hours before round 1 starts. Plenty of time, until we start to screw around with the laptops XD Funny because once we got to our hotel via a cab.... we learned from Encel and Dawen that starting the second round of the day at 7:30pm was not good... because when you finish.... usually at 11:30.... there are no shops open for food.... so they had to starve for the night :( How unlucky... all well. So after doing minimal prep for the Nge2 line (which I was losing after 10 moves anyway against my opponent) we headed off to the venue.... whilst looking for lunch (Encel and Dawen's thursday dinner LOL). Since it was Good Friday.... all shops around the street were closed, and the shopping centre near Hellenic Club (the venue) was also closed. We're doomed, says the group. I say:

Ok.... so remembering from last year there was Maccers near the closed Plaza! (omg Good Friday clearly wasn't going so well for us)

With that memory we actually managed to get some food.

After finishing our food we walked to the Hellenic Club:

~~ Tan infront of the Entrance to the Hellenic Club~~

So round 1 begins....

and very quickly I managed to get a lost position.... but my opponent played horribly and even missed the same win twice in a row! (Goosh I'm so lucky in this tournament) :( Like alright we quickly went to the Chinese Restaurant for dinner and then round 2 starts... like I said... 7:30pm.... and guess who finishes last?.... I lost horribly against the Caro-Kann.... somehow I lost a look-like-a-draw position.... maybe it was lost. :(

-At this point in time I remembered I had prepared for tea, and was waiting for it to cool down, and now it has.... I went to get the tea-


Encel boy.... who finished at 11:45... after over 4 hours of play.... finally we can begin to trek back to the hotel after getting some food at the cafe in the club for supper :P. It says on the doeberl website that it is 15 minutes... except for us its like 30 minutes. We got back on Friday morning.... 12:20am :) Great... I was so tired I think I just fell alseep whilst the Bordeaux Man was like prepping. Tomorrow was the lightning, and I was planning to flag that just to get some sleep XD Our hotel room was alright, and the internet was pretty good too :P

~~ Our room with chess books, laptops, jumpers, food and other random stuff ~~

Day 2:

~~ The alarm bell went off at 7:00am ~~
~~ We got up at 8:00am.....  ~~

Considering the round started at 9:30.... we had to be quick. The shops were open today, and whilst I got a salami sandwich with lettuce, everyone esle got a pie from the bakery store, I was due for Lewski and in my game a Macrozy occurred where I played Ne8, and then when he played f5, I placed a knight on e5 and was asking myself, what on earth is he doing?? xD There were moments where he was better, but I think he rushed the critical moments but the lamest thing was he flagged in a drawn queen endgame.... sigh I am playing so badly, but still winning games... xD LOL...

Anyway so this time I went with BonScott and McNamara for lunch as we finished early, around 1:00pm, and got a portuguese chicken kebab! We were talking and thus people thought we weren't in the line and proceeded to go infront of us :( so we waited like 25 minutes longer than we should of.....:P Anyway iot was yummy! Today I also learnt

             ~~ A funny fact from BonScott ~~

Most Chess players eat their chips first (if they get any) because they don't want other people to scavage them too quickly... lol ^_^

Ok that was a little random. Anyway so we headed back and yea round 2 of the day (round 4) began.... expecting a Najdorf... and CM MDC as my round 4 opponent. During the game I was going by pure intuition, not calculating any moves, ok so things went pretty random until f6... which was horrible...  and eventually decided on a exchange sacrifice that gets me mated in two... quote Encel "well calculated!" I also bought 60 memorable games today, by Fischer, a classic obviously.... so yea ^_^" 40 bucks, decided not to miss out XD

So I lost, and Tan lost, despite being an hour up on the clock. Dawen failed to win a bishop and knight endgame (pure) and thus drew..... and Encel lost as well to Morris Mentor Hacche I think :P

Ok so whilst Tan foolishly decided to enter the lightning, I decided to go for the rest, and Dawen finished at like 9:10, 20 minutes before lightning was to finish... so that was pretty bad. Me and Dawen quickly finished dinner and just walked back to the hotel (OMG I am going to die, I can't take the dark anymore... the street lights don't like up anything apart from themselves..... xD).

~~ In the dark (photo was taken with flash on xD) with low quality street lights ~~

So now I'm back at the hotel.... still has not done prep and at the time of blogging the convo of 5 chess players is going on:

1. IM the Real Deal
2. Bordeaux Man
3. Encel
4. Mind Runes XD LOL
5. You for life xD

Ok I better go.... OMG 2 more chess games tomorrow... I'm going to die :(

Signing off,


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