Evening Readers,

I am now back from drama camp, and through the weekend I will actually type up on what was going on in the past couple of days, as I ventured into Naamaroo Conference Centre for the 2010 Northern Region Drama Camp.

Arrival Night:

So as the night dawns I arrive at the centre, register my arrival with Phillip, Susan and Cameron. As I set to drop my luggage on a corner of the room, I swung my head in the general direction and ....

~~ Oh God... I saw like 2 boy heads and 30 girl heads~~

I was like... right.... and Susan comes up...

'You might have to sit in the midst of girls'

Well very soon, Dylan and Jeremy showed up :P And the fun began ever since. I remember cabin rooms were consecutive numbers and thus Jeremy and Dylan swapped seats. :P It was pretty cool when Jeremy turned up. Dylan had an awesome name tag with the treble clef as the 'd' and a keytar as well as bass guitar strings on the top left hand corner of the name tag. :P

Mine was just plain boring, wrote Ryan Kostiavsky in different colours :P

Evening Readers,

Before I begin... :D

~~ 'This wasn't the biggest we caught today' ~~

Ya ya big fish... Lol My dad went fishing today.... ^_^' and there are like a couple of more ones like this he caught.. in the bag :) Now my parents are trying to bring friends over... as well as woks from their houses... cos the entire fish doesnt fit in one wok :( (or is it cos the wok isn't big enough?)

Lol Anyway.... xD Long holiday again! :D And Drama Camp... gotta pack :)

And I tried to compare this fish to my finger span xD

............ Sigh... I'm so small :(

Signing Off,

Evening Readers,

I just got back from the visit to SIO (Sydney's biggest chess tournament) and since I wasn't playing this year, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to visit. Last year there was a giant chess and a tables set up in a square shape to allow simultaneous exhibitions, and this year was of course no exception:

~~ Front of the Entrance to Parramatta Townhall ~~

~~ FM Vladimir Smirnov at work --> Giving a simul ~~

Haha yes I had read on chesschat the other day he scored 19.5/20 and at the end of the day 48.5/50 xD wow.... in one of the day's simuls and I thought maybe I should give it a shot..... after taking a look inside the venue and seeing what everyone was up to :P

since everyone had already started playing ;)

Evening Readers,

Currently sitting at home infront of my computer, I have finished playing at Doeberl Cup and I must say, the last round was a complete disaster but I managed with 4/7 anyway, which was one point more than my previous year's score. So an improvement... Congratulations to winner Samuel Dalton from Vic :P First of all:

Day 3:

So today I was paired with Victorian Junior Thomas Feng and I had already figured out he would play the French.... but I barely prepared as I was really tired last night and just decided I would play the Tarrasch and that would be it.

In other words after 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 my preparation ends XD

However, after some slight inaccuracies and overlooking tactics, I managed to get into a worse position, but once again (I should stop this) I swindled my opponent and won the game eventually, after he blundered into mate in 3 ending all resistance. Ron had finished pretty quickly as well, after beating IM Stefan Macak (2450+!!) in a Philidors. That was pretty impressive. So I decided to go have lunch with Ron today, and went for the mild vindaloo beef and garlic chicken I think, a good contrast from the portuguese chicken kebab I had yesterday lunch. Yummy!

Evening Readers,

First thing's first...... I'm going to play Doeberl because I need a break from school and doing work for once in my life... but in all honesty... there is no prep done, no training done...no nothing. And I don't usually feel motivated unless I've felt like I'm fully prepared, and I am NOT prepared.... just brewing whatever I can :) Just like BonScott (lol maybe slightly different) XD

Day 1:

I was up 20 minutes late... but managed to arrive to the airport on time and safely land in Canberra at like 9:30am in the morning.... so like 4 hours before round 1 starts. Plenty of time, until we start to screw around with the laptops XD Funny because once we got to our hotel via a cab.... we learned from Encel and Dawen that starting the second round of the day at 7:30pm was not good... because when you finish.... usually at 11:30.... there are no shops open for food.... so they had to starve for the night :( How unlucky... all well. So after doing minimal prep for the Nge2 line (which I was losing after 10 moves anyway against my opponent) we headed off to the venue.... whilst looking for lunch (Encel and Dawen's thursday dinner LOL). Since it was Good Friday.... all shops around the street were closed, and the shopping centre near Hellenic Club (the venue) was also closed. We're doomed, says the group. I say:

Ok.... so remembering from last year there was Maccers near the closed Plaza! (omg Good Friday clearly wasn't going so well for us)

With that memory we actually managed to get some food.

After finishing our food we walked to the Hellenic Club:

~~ Tan infront of the Entrance to the Hellenic Club~~

So round 1 begins....

Evening Readers,

Lol I must admit that chess players seem to be very patient... and I got my accomodation at the last minute. My schoolmate decided to enter... and since he and I didnt have accomodation... the simple result

Tan the Bordeaux Man + Me = Accomodation Sorted :D

So yea... I am going to Canberra for 4 days 3 nights to compete in Doeberl Major :D Lots of fun.... yea catching a plane there! Yay!

Lots of things happened at school today... science and then VA I had to sketch up the grid... which I did! Finished on time.. so happy. Lol in english we had a shakespeare quiz... which was really random... and since me and Tong weren't fast enough we failed to claim first place.... congratulations to Turbofish amongst others who did. XD Oh in PE we just played basketball.... holy crap in the second round of horses I was playing like a god.... (even though I never play basketball) I was like getting everything in... and shooting in 3 points like 1/3 of the time... thats just scary... xD anyway...

But the period of the day goes to Maths. As we all know (or you're about to find out) Jason Lay-K's (layk for short) love for maths has been evident again and again in his test results and when he was finishing his maths homework under the desk during a practical emergency drill. Like seriously... dedication to the max :D I wish I had that kind of dedication to chess and other things.. :P Anyway.... today however... get this:
  ~~ Layk's Unforgivable Crime ~~

Layk today has committed the offence of playing a video game today during the lesson of maths. As clearly evident his love for maths is beyond help, it is unclear why he has undertaken such a relaxing activity inplacement of his usual fast-moving arm and wrist as he neatly defines his answer on his maths workbook.

My maths teacher:

" We should write this somewhere and say "Jason Lay-Kennedy playing games during maths on the 1st of April (this is not a joke)."" Haha

My friend on the other side of Layk:"

"He's on steriods." -nods head vigorously-

A crime or way of relaxation? You be the judge. :D

Anyway so that was the awesome event of the day hehe so I got home... told my parents I was going  to Canberra... and they're like... ok you book the ticket and pack your stuff.. so I got to work... now I'm done.. just relaxing hehe ^_^ Btw if i don't get internet access... I won't be able to blog... so Maybe you'll see me again on 5th of April... of not... 6th :P hehe ^_^ For now... students and adults alike... enjoy your rest time! I hope you have a great holiday... see you guys and girls soon :P

Weather Forecast

--> Canberra by plane! ~~ Cold weather
--> Early get-up... sigh ^_^
--> Holidays! Have fun!

Signing Off,

Jerry Xu