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On the 23rd of March, 2:32pm Tuesday, 2010, the entire community of North Sydney Boys celebrates their victory against Melbourne high on the 51st anniversary of the Crawford Shield.... this makes our 9th win I think? Don't despair Melbourne... we need like 30 something more wins to catch up :(

You'll like this photo before we continue! :D

~~ Me and Tan with Melbourne Mascot Duke the Unicorn~~

Back to the story:

Unlike last year, it wasn't decided by fencing with points of 45-44 in our favour, but rather on a tiebreak match in basketball... after we lost the 2nd game narrowly by 2 points.

For those interested in pure results:

We won:

1. Basketball
2. Chess
3. Cricket
4. Debating
5. Fencing
6. Futsal
7. Lawn Bowls

We lost:

1. Athletics
2. Music
3. Table Tennis
4. Tennis
5. WaterPolo

Since I was being the assistant manager of chess... that is the only event I can provide details for right now... so chessies & everyone esle:

Total Score:

13-3 in NSB's favour

Kevin Tan - 4/4
Oscar Wang - 4/4 Lol Oscar was just winning peices in this tournament :P
Peter Yang - 3/4
Jack Ruan - 2/4 (He was not having a good tournament.. missing 2 simple tactics)

Funny thing about round 3 was that we had an Indian battle... 2 Queen's Indians (Melbourners) and King's Indian (Kevin Tan) hehe.

Apart from Crawford... nothing really happened today :( But... weather forecast:

--> National Geographic test tomorrow Dx
--> Eng results back ~~ I'm screwed
--> Maths results back ~~ I'm screwed as well :(
--> Badminton trials :P

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