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One day after

1. Maths test (Defeated by ambiguous case... and possibly more)
2. English In-Class Essay

Our drama teacher, being the fortune teller, has planned today to be an excursion! Yay!

The first time we were going to see verbatim theatre (for those who don't know --> Theatre based on a true story, often with the crew interviewing the people related to the true story). The plot (if there actually is one) runs something like

21 year old Matthew Shepard (who is gay) on the 7th of October 1998, was tied to a fence, brutally beaten up, and left to die, in a remote area near Laramie, Wyoming. This event shocked the whole world and within hours crews of journalists and media flocked to the town. The play focuses on the response of the people of Wyoming.

Now, the production crew has gone to the town 6 times (according to the play) and interviewed 200+ people produced a play based on it and sometimes using direct quotes.

It is vastly different to normal theatre with little or no action, but rather we see the actors slipping on different characters that voice their opinion on this matter, both before, while (during the period when Matthew was in hospital) and after the event.

Mostly people were in different positions, levels and voices just talking. I noticed a lot of techniques being used such as

--> The Double Blind Conversation (what I call it anyway) which is basically one character says a line about another, and the other talks about the former (they are not talking to each other)
--> Footage of close ups of characters talking
--> The use of voice without the audience actually seeing the actor
--> Perfectly choreographed lighting and much more! :)

Ha.... we did a workshop afterwards and basically had another true life event where in groups of three we had to recreate seperate scenes for the event.... it was actually fun. The event was about teenage driving --> danger --> crashed and the government is considering raising the legal age of driving to 21....

Quote of the Day:

"They should be tied to a chair -pause- and beaten" - KB as an old man

Of course KB was referring to the teenagers... D:

My group recreated the response to the event (the others were the protest and response to the new legislation)

That ends the excursion....

since I've already finished my 250 word creative writing.... I just ended up studing Alekhine for another 3 hours... :P

--> Trying to get my assistant manager position back.

Which leads me to ----------------------->


Say yes to the falcon,
no to the Unicorn....
because on Monday is the prestigous 51st Crawford Shield annual exchange, with NSB defending their title for only the 8th time in the history of the event against MBHS from Melbourne.

I wish the falcons luck! and especially the 10 years repping us :)

Signing off,


p.s. For all the chessises I will post a blitz game I played yesterday up... once I figure out how. :)

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