Evening Readers,

First of all after roll call we attended the Crawford Shield assembly and it was rather exciting as always, anticipating what kind of speeches each respective captains would give. The one that got my attention the most... because it was rather funny... :D

MBHS Captain: "2 years ago your captain even described our unicorn as a symbol girly mythical, non existent beast..."
NSB: "It is."

Unfortunately the showers of applause and cheers put the captain's speech to a halt for a couple of minutes. When the assembly was over the games had officially begun! :D :D We want a back-to-back win! Stay tuned for day 2 results as I put day 1 results up:

From what I know:

Debating --> We won the first debate
Music --> We LOST?? By 1 point too... according to Gelda it was 199-198...
Chess --> 6.5-1.5 points in NSB's favour with 4-0 win in the first round XD
Basketball --> Wins! Trist scores 42 points apparently with 90-74 I think
Tennis --> We lost... according to another person.

Not sure about the other sports. :D I most likely will have full results tomorrow... remember.... Sydney > Melbourne XD

~~ Only Class of the Day ~~

The only class I attended today was jap... cos I needed to do a test. Basically during period 5 the rest of the class went to watch basketball and I was a loner in C15... doing my test. Test your thinking (answer at the end of the post) oh and some tips :)

--> It was a writing test
--> No teacher was supervising - oh dear!
--> I had chocolate milk beside me - yummy

Signing Off,


p.s. Aww when my hamstring gets back into where it should be... I gotta make up the kicks I lost during the last couple of weeks :( Dx

What happened:

I was writing Japanese characters... my preprepared letter was 550+ characters...
No I did NOT cheat thank you very much! Basically it was: one sentence, one sip of milk, one sentence, one sip of chocolate milk :D until I ran out of chocolate milk... omg...haha yummy... and it was totally silent as well... but I saw Mr Sheehan walk pass... that was a bit random :P

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