New Year's Eve.

No matter who you are most likely camping in a folder or on your work/study desk lies a sheet titled somewhat similar to "New Year Resolutions" or rather, goals for the next year.

Likewise, there are 50% who think of it in their head, another 40% or so that don't think, another 9.99% that write it down, and the final remainder who actually get the engine fired and begin to start mowning the lawn. Why?

Holidays... not the best time you want to have slow and unstable internet.... I've ruined conversations, destroyed friendships (because they thought I had blocked them), missed out on free money, all because my internet takes a 5 second nap once too often.

Ok I was joking!....

But the truth in it is quite annoying.... and after spending half a day working on my chess I expect some empathy from my internet when I want to reel on but it stops every 3 minutes (mind you it only takes 10 minutes for a game) so I decided to flag the blitz altogether and just go read a book. I don't just read any old book, and I know Mr. Ferris recommends in 'The 4 Hour Work Week' that overloading yourself with irrevelant information is... obviously unnecessary, I still take interest and just read books about life, relationships, communication and the list goes on.

Perhaps even making an refinement... read the necessary, the hobbies and scrap the rest. Agreed.

Now to put in a school context.

The final day, the day of truth dawns as we quickly wake up and get ourselves prepared for the second day.....

in the lead by one and a half points.... we needed a 6/8 to win on tiebreak against Bawlyn High (Vic). But we had to still take all our games seriously.... like American GM Ben Finegold says...

"Each game is of equal value... take all games equally."

Before we start.... somebody PLEASE remind me to try Green Apple Green Tea with Green Apple Jelly at EasyWay


At last the North Sydney Boys High Chess team's potential to shine has arrived! With Bawlyn High's World U12 Champion (Australian Junior Champion etc.) FM Bobby Cheng not participating, we had good chances to win the title this year and reclaim the trophy for NSW for the first time in 6 years!

So.... 6 (including our teacher) headed off to Sydney Airport to catch the 3:20pm plane all the way to Perth, but since there was a 3 hour time difference between the two cities, we will arrive at around 5:30pm Perht time..... a 5 hour plane flight here we go!

Dear Readers,

Yesterday marked the end of my school chess seaon (albeit there is still Nationals) of my former junior days. Unfortunately we abdicated the trphy we had kept for 2 years to Sydney Boys, losing 3-1. But luckily I managed to create a nice win after a zugzwang sequence to save my team from an embarrassing 4-0 loss.

Now as the Metropolitan chess seaon ends and my seniors Kevin and Peter graduate, I am now assuming the position of NSB chess captain from 2011 onwards, with the responsibility leading young stars Oscar and Jack as well as the eager year 7s just beginning their flight to their own chess adventure and success. Not only that, next year I'll be a senior high school student, and thats just not fun... :(

One day I lazily sauntered through the red sunset gazing upon us,

Inconspicuously passing the colony dazing in the open fields,

I noticed only a unique rose, its character chained right around my heart,

Shone by the attractive, pink petals fluttering by its side,

Strengthened by the black thorns armed all around,

Intrigued, the perfect pattern tessellation of petals and thorns,

I knelt down; she patently swayed side to side,

The minute, gentle movements lured my hand closer,

The petal I touched, retracted my hand abruptly – I was pricked.

Day after day I trek back towards the same spot,

I mind not the thorns, for they complement the petals,

Nor the bleeding hand I care, her beauty surpasses that,

To me her heart was the indescribable gem that I longed for,

My hands and affection were answered the same way,

Nevertheless touching both petal and thorn, pricked,

I felt the heart-breaking warmth of rejection,

The gentle touch of the petal, the complementing rough thorns

The ominous, blackened sky slowly dawdles over,

The gushing of the rain, ruthlessly pounding its victims below

Umbrella in hand, I run with all my might,

The stem flaccid, petals frowning, from edges those tears shed,

I knelt down, her depressed expression, spread out the umbrella,

Her pain reflected into me, she gazed up, the rain no longer straining her,

Her entity occupied my soaked eyes, I reached out once more,

Her beauty dazzling through the shimmering rainbow beam

Petal or thorn matter not, for I love them both.

Xu, Jerry
The long awaited showdown has arrived, having been cancelled on the 2nd last week of term 3, and again on week 1 and 2 because of IPT HSC and Ruse yearly exams, the match has been set back to Week 3.

This is COS Junior Lightning Champion 09 (+10 because there was no U18 COS lightning this year) reporting in.

I'm sorry.....

WE WON!!! That's RIGHT! :D:D:D Upset on 3 boards :D (including a draw) in the rematch :D:D

Ok, on with the formalities.

Dear Readers,

Today we were doing our final editting and was prepared to screen our videos at 3p.m!! It ended up starting at 3:20pm and every video the maker/s had to get up and sort of do an introduction speech, it was pretty interesting :P Seeing my trailer up on a BIG BIG Screen!! (hopefully almost the size of a proper cinema screen) :D

Dear Readers,

I was soooo exhausted from directing yesterday that I simply could not bring enough focus into my burdened head to blog yesterday. So today I've decided to do a double coverage of the past 2 days.... with photoes!! Yay!

~~ The Entertainment Quarter ~~

~~ Not quite visible, but the name of the game ~~

Dear Readers,

Aha! The day begins with me purchasing a prepaid bus ticket so I can actually catch a bus to where I want to go..... wth? I had to get off infront of Syd Boys, but luckily the bus didn't detour too much :D

I had my camera with me, and knowing me :P I had 10 photoes before I reached AFTRS :D I won't upload them today, because it'll take a long time but on Friday I will upload the video, the photoes, everything! :D

Today we began with a camera workshop, we got to fiddle around with $12000 (not 1200) cameras! WOW! Imagine what would happen should someone break it! Luckily no one did :D

Dear Readers,

OMG AFTRS is sooooo AWESOME!! Wow! Hehe..... First thing's first, on the train to the city from Stratty and then at the bus stop I was like....

~~ Hang on! It's ALL prepaid! Crap! ~~

Sigh..... I was like.... whatever, I can't be bothered going to get a ticket at 7/11, so I decided to walk..... and was like 20 minutes late :P Great prediction too.

We (I, I should say) and had a look at the different types of film, how to draw of stimulation from the theme of the film, and also the first movie ever!

~~ A forty second clip of people disembarking from the train ~~

~~ Which literally had people fainting and screaming. running out of the room etc. ~~

We then had a look at the themes in terms of mise en scene, lightning, composition, styles of delivery (exaggerated, realistic) and the typical themes including motherhood (OMG Alien was the example), family (ratatouille (can't spell) and finding nemo) and lonliness (star wars??)

after a 75 minute lunch break!! (wow almost twice as long :D as my normal school lunch)

And then we went to have a look at the sets:

Evening Readers,

I know it's almost been a month since drama camp, but I havent' fogotten about it! It was a very memorable camp for me and thus now I am sparing time (right before a maths test too!) to write the final day. The morning we woke up... I was conscious of the fact that we had to say our goodbyes today with everyone :(
So disappointing, now to get over it :P

Alright so the idea was rehearsals, followed by pre performance to everyone to get an idea of where we're all up to... and then we have a performance practise run and then we perform and then we cry as we leave :P

Morning Readers,

Now I am sitting up on Sunday morning after studying 60 memorable games and trying to recall as much detail as I can on the second day of camp. Which of course was still awesome. It seems we have a group photo now :D Yay! Now First things first we've got breakfast which was bacon and eggs with toast :) (I got two eggs) Yummy! It was so cold in the morning but Michael was still wearing shorts! (What a hiker!) And we discovered the heater hiding in the corner :D And the Can-Of-War continues :P I think

Playbuilding --> Transposing:

I remember we did a lot of exercises that involved our faces. Relieving the jaw, laughing, err.... massaging jaw muscles and overall lowering the level of intensity in our faces. :) Apparently frowning involves the movement of many more muscles than smiling... anyway...

Evening Readers,

I am now back from drama camp, and through the weekend I will actually type up on what was going on in the past couple of days, as I ventured into Naamaroo Conference Centre for the 2010 Northern Region Drama Camp.

Arrival Night:

So as the night dawns I arrive at the centre, register my arrival with Phillip, Susan and Cameron. As I set to drop my luggage on a corner of the room, I swung my head in the general direction and ....

~~ Oh God... I saw like 2 boy heads and 30 girl heads~~

I was like... right.... and Susan comes up...

'You might have to sit in the midst of girls'

Well very soon, Dylan and Jeremy showed up :P And the fun began ever since. I remember cabin rooms were consecutive numbers and thus Jeremy and Dylan swapped seats. :P It was pretty cool when Jeremy turned up. Dylan had an awesome name tag with the treble clef as the 'd' and a keytar as well as bass guitar strings on the top left hand corner of the name tag. :P

Mine was just plain boring, wrote Ryan Kostiavsky in different colours :P

Evening Readers,

Before I begin... :D

~~ 'This wasn't the biggest we caught today' ~~

Ya ya big fish... Lol My dad went fishing today.... ^_^' and there are like a couple of more ones like this he caught.. in the bag :) Now my parents are trying to bring friends over... as well as woks from their houses... cos the entire fish doesnt fit in one wok :( (or is it cos the wok isn't big enough?)

Lol Anyway.... xD Long holiday again! :D And Drama Camp... gotta pack :)

And I tried to compare this fish to my finger span xD

............ Sigh... I'm so small :(

Signing Off,

Evening Readers,

I just got back from the visit to SIO (Sydney's biggest chess tournament) and since I wasn't playing this year, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to visit. Last year there was a giant chess and a tables set up in a square shape to allow simultaneous exhibitions, and this year was of course no exception:

~~ Front of the Entrance to Parramatta Townhall ~~

~~ FM Vladimir Smirnov at work --> Giving a simul ~~

Haha yes I had read on chesschat the other day he scored 19.5/20 and at the end of the day 48.5/50 xD wow.... in one of the day's simuls and I thought maybe I should give it a shot..... after taking a look inside the venue and seeing what everyone was up to :P

since everyone had already started playing ;)

Evening Readers,

Currently sitting at home infront of my computer, I have finished playing at Doeberl Cup and I must say, the last round was a complete disaster but I managed with 4/7 anyway, which was one point more than my previous year's score. So an improvement... Congratulations to winner Samuel Dalton from Vic :P First of all:

Day 3:

So today I was paired with Victorian Junior Thomas Feng and I had already figured out he would play the French.... but I barely prepared as I was really tired last night and just decided I would play the Tarrasch and that would be it.

In other words after 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 my preparation ends XD

However, after some slight inaccuracies and overlooking tactics, I managed to get into a worse position, but once again (I should stop this) I swindled my opponent and won the game eventually, after he blundered into mate in 3 ending all resistance. Ron had finished pretty quickly as well, after beating IM Stefan Macak (2450+!!) in a Philidors. That was pretty impressive. So I decided to go have lunch with Ron today, and went for the mild vindaloo beef and garlic chicken I think, a good contrast from the portuguese chicken kebab I had yesterday lunch. Yummy!

Evening Readers,

First thing's first...... I'm going to play Doeberl because I need a break from school and doing work for once in my life... but in all honesty... there is no prep done, no training nothing. And I don't usually feel motivated unless I've felt like I'm fully prepared, and I am NOT prepared.... just brewing whatever I can :) Just like BonScott (lol maybe slightly different) XD

Day 1:

I was up 20 minutes late... but managed to arrive to the airport on time and safely land in Canberra at like 9:30am in the morning.... so like 4 hours before round 1 starts. Plenty of time, until we start to screw around with the laptops XD Funny because once we got to our hotel via a cab.... we learned from Encel and Dawen that starting the second round of the day at 7:30pm was not good... because when you finish.... usually at 11:30.... there are no shops open for food.... so they had to starve for the night :( How unlucky... all well. So after doing minimal prep for the Nge2 line (which I was losing after 10 moves anyway against my opponent) we headed off to the venue.... whilst looking for lunch (Encel and Dawen's thursday dinner LOL). Since it was Good Friday.... all shops around the street were closed, and the shopping centre near Hellenic Club (the venue) was also closed. We're doomed, says the group. I say:

Ok.... so remembering from last year there was Maccers near the closed Plaza! (omg Good Friday clearly wasn't going so well for us)

With that memory we actually managed to get some food.

After finishing our food we walked to the Hellenic Club:

~~ Tan infront of the Entrance to the Hellenic Club~~

So round 1 begins....

Evening Readers,

Lol I must admit that chess players seem to be very patient... and I got my accomodation at the last minute. My schoolmate decided to enter... and since he and I didnt have accomodation... the simple result

Tan the Bordeaux Man + Me = Accomodation Sorted :D

So yea... I am going to Canberra for 4 days 3 nights to compete in Doeberl Major :D Lots of fun.... yea catching a plane there! Yay!

Lots of things happened at school today... science and then VA I had to sketch up the grid... which I did! Finished on time.. so happy. Lol in english we had a shakespeare quiz... which was really random... and since me and Tong weren't fast enough we failed to claim first place.... congratulations to Turbofish amongst others who did. XD Oh in PE we just played basketball.... holy crap in the second round of horses I was playing like a god.... (even though I never play basketball) I was like getting everything in... and shooting in 3 points like 1/3 of the time... thats just scary... xD anyway...

But the period of the day goes to Maths. As we all know (or you're about to find out) Jason Lay-K's (layk for short) love for maths has been evident again and again in his test results and when he was finishing his maths homework under the desk during a practical emergency drill. Like seriously... dedication to the max :D I wish I had that kind of dedication to chess and other things.. :P Anyway.... today however... get this:
  ~~ Layk's Unforgivable Crime ~~

Layk today has committed the offence of playing a video game today during the lesson of maths. As clearly evident his love for maths is beyond help, it is unclear why he has undertaken such a relaxing activity inplacement of his usual fast-moving arm and wrist as he neatly defines his answer on his maths workbook.

My maths teacher:

" We should write this somewhere and say "Jason Lay-Kennedy playing games during maths on the 1st of April (this is not a joke)."" Haha

My friend on the other side of Layk:"

"He's on steriods." -nods head vigorously-

A crime or way of relaxation? You be the judge. :D

Anyway so that was the awesome event of the day hehe so I got home... told my parents I was going  to Canberra... and they're like... ok you book the ticket and pack your stuff.. so I got to work... now I'm done.. just relaxing hehe ^_^ Btw if i don't get internet access... I won't be able to blog... so Maybe you'll see me again on 5th of April... of not... 6th :P hehe ^_^ For now... students and adults alike... enjoy your rest time! I hope you have a great holiday... see you guys and girls soon :P

Weather Forecast

--> Canberra by plane! ~~ Cold weather
--> Early get-up... sigh ^_^
--> Holidays! Have fun!

Signing Off,

Jerry Xu
Evening readers,

On the 23rd of March, 2:32pm Tuesday, 2010, the entire community of North Sydney Boys celebrates their victory against Melbourne high on the 51st anniversary of the Crawford Shield.... this makes our 9th win I think? Don't despair Melbourne... we need like 30 something more wins to catch up :(

You'll like this photo before we continue! :D

~~ Me and Tan with Melbourne Mascot Duke the Unicorn~~

Back to the story:

Unlike last year, it wasn't decided by fencing with points of 45-44 in our favour, but rather on a tiebreak match in basketball... after we lost the 2nd game narrowly by 2 points.

For those interested in pure results:

We won:

1. Basketball
2. Chess
3. Cricket
4. Debating
5. Fencing
6. Futsal
7. Lawn Bowls

We lost:

1. Athletics
2. Music
3. Table Tennis
4. Tennis
5. WaterPolo

Evening Readers,

First of all after roll call we attended the Crawford Shield assembly and it was rather exciting as always, anticipating what kind of speeches each respective captains would give. The one that got my attention the most... because it was rather funny... :D

MBHS Captain: "2 years ago your captain even described our unicorn as a symbol girly mythical, non existent beast..."
NSB: "It is."

Unfortunately the showers of applause and cheers put the captain's speech to a halt for a couple of minutes. When the assembly was over the games had officially begun! :D :D We want a back-to-back win! Stay tuned for day 2 results as I put day 1 results up:

From what I know:

Debating --> We won the first debate
Music --> We LOST?? By 1 point too... according to Gelda it was 199-198...
Chess --> 6.5-1.5 points in NSB's favour with 4-0 win in the first round XD
Basketball --> Wins! Trist scores 42 points apparently with 90-74 I think
Tennis --> We lost... according to another person.

Not sure about the other sports. :D I most likely will have full results tomorrow... remember.... Sydney > Melbourne XD

~~ Only Class of the Day ~~

The only class I attended today was jap... cos I needed to do a test. Basically during period 5 the rest of the class went to watch basketball and I was a loner in C15... doing my test. Test your thinking (answer at the end of the post) oh and some tips :)

--> It was a writing test
--> No teacher was supervising - oh dear!
--> I had chocolate milk beside me - yummy

Signing Off,


p.s. Aww when my hamstring gets back into where it should be... I gotta make up the kicks I lost during the last couple of weeks :( Dx

What happened:

I was writing Japanese characters... my preprepared letter was 550+ characters...
No I did NOT cheat thank you very much! Basically it was: one sentence, one sip of milk, one sentence, one sip of chocolate milk :D until I ran out of chocolate milk... omg...haha yummy... and it was totally silent as well... but I saw Mr Sheehan walk pass... that was a bit random :P
Evening readers,

One day after

1. Maths test (Defeated by ambiguous case... and possibly more)
2. English In-Class Essay

Our drama teacher, being the fortune teller, has planned today to be an excursion! Yay!

The first time we were going to see verbatim theatre (for those who don't know --> Theatre based on a true story, often with the crew interviewing the people related to the true story). The plot (if there actually is one) runs something like

21 year old Matthew Shepard (who is gay) on the 7th of October 1998, was tied to a fence, brutally beaten up, and left to die, in a remote area near Laramie, Wyoming. This event shocked the whole world and within hours crews of journalists and media flocked to the town. The play focuses on the response of the people of Wyoming.

Now, the production crew has gone to the town 6 times (according to the play) and interviewed 200+ people produced a play based on it and sometimes using direct quotes.

It is vastly different to normal theatre with little or no action, but rather we see the actors slipping on different characters that voice their opinion on this matter, both before, while (during the period when Matthew was in hospital) and after the event.

Mostly people were in different positions, levels and voices just talking. I noticed a lot of techniques being used such as

--> The Double Blind Conversation (what I call it anyway) which is basically one character says a line about another, and the other talks about the former (they are not talking to each other)
--> Footage of close ups of characters talking
--> The use of voice without the audience actually seeing the actor
--> Perfectly choreographed lighting and much more! :)

Ha.... we did a workshop afterwards and basically had another true life event where in groups of three we had to recreate seperate scenes for the event.... it was actually fun. The event was about teenage driving --> danger --> crashed and the government is considering raising the legal age of driving to 21....

Quote of the Day:

"They should be tied to a chair -pause- and beaten" - KB as an old man

Of course KB was referring to the teenagers... D:

My group recreated the response to the event (the others were the protest and response to the new legislation)

That ends the excursion....

since I've already finished my 250 word creative writing.... I just ended up studing Alekhine for another 3 hours... :P

--> Trying to get my assistant manager position back.

Which leads me to ----------------------->


Say yes to the falcon,
no to the Unicorn....
because on Monday is the prestigous 51st Crawford Shield annual exchange, with NSB defending their title for only the 8th time in the history of the event against MBHS from Melbourne.

I wish the falcons luck! and especially the 10 years repping us :)

Signing off,


p.s. For all the chessises I will post a blitz game I played yesterday up... once I figure out how. :)